Daihatsu to Offer Toyota Share Car-Sharing Service at Four of its Sales Companies

Jan. 20, 2021
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) announced that it will officially participate in Toyota Share, a car-sharing service provided by Toyota Motor Corporation at Toyota dealers and Toyota rental and leasing branches nationwide. Beginning on January 21, four Daihatsu sales companies will offer the service as “Toyota Share Daihatsu Stations.”

Based on its Group slogan of “Light you up,” Daihatsu and its sales companies nationwide are promoting the provision of new mobility services, with the aim of developing a close affinity with its customers in local communities. As part of a collaboration between industry, government, academia, and private organizations , Daihatsu and its sales companies have sought to forge links with these communities by taking part in Community-Based Projects ; since 2018, they have been investigating business models for car-sharing services that reflect Daihatsu’s unique approach to local communities.

The Toyota Share car-sharing service will be offered by Daihatsu Hiroshima Co., Ltd., Oita Daihatsu Co., Ltd., Daihatsu Tokyo Co., Ltd., and Daihatsu Numazu Co., Ltd. By integrating the system in the Toyota Group, and by offering a wide-ranging line-up of high-quality vehicles through Daihatsu sales companies, the service will benefit from improved serviceability and affordable pricing. Daihatsu’s participation in Toyota Share, which has already been rolled out nationwide, will help the Toyota Group engage in the provision of mobility services that are rooted in local communities.

Going forward, Daihatsu intends to gradually expand the areas in which it offers Toyota Share Daihatsu Stations, and so support local communities with its own unique approach to MaaS, such as offering mobility services both in depopulated areas and in tourist destinations. In this way, the company will provide as many customers as possible with a comfortable car life.

Overview of the Toyota Share Daihatsu Station service

Name of service: Toyota Share

Name of service at Daihatsu sales companies: Toyota Share Daihatsu xx Stations (where “xx” refers to the dealer name of the relevant sales company)

Admission fees and monthly membership fees: Free of charge
*Toyota Share is currently offering free monthly membership; the closing date for this campaign will be announced in due course.

Usage fees: Usage fees vary according to various criteria, including usage times, durations, and models. For further details, please visit the official Toyota Share website.

Payment methods: Payment can only be made online via the dedicated Toyota Share app.
*For further information regarding the service and how to use it, please visit the following website: https://mobility.toyota.jp/toyotashare/