Community Improvement

Light up attractive community improvement

Daihatsu will contribute to help people build a community loved by everyone through the interactions among people enhancing unique attractions of each region.

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Projects to Bond with the Community

As part of our activities of value or story creation that aim to expand contact with customers and residents in the broader community, Daihatsu seeks to leverage our strengths to help solve the interconnected issues of an aging society and regional revitalization. Through collaboration between academy, industry, government, and private organization, Daihatsu supports independent lifestyles that allow people to move freely regardless of age in regional societies with increasingly aging populations.


With the keyword of "LOVE LOCAL by DAIHATSU," Daihatsu holds fan events across the country that focus on interacting and connecting with people, and the attractiveness of that area with the desire to love the area and be loved by the local community, and light up the region’s car life even more.

Daihatsu 'Marche'

A Daihatsu "Marche" (market) provides a place where customers and local agricultural producers interact. Daihatsu seeks to revitalize regions by getting many people to know foods and products unique to local areas.

Lady’s Farming Project

We run activities in which local people can communicate with each other including attending regional events held by female farmers called the "Lady’s Farming Project" who disseminate new products and services to society.