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Our idea about privacy protection

Established March 1, 2005

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy

In our operations, we collect, manage and use personal information on our customers and employees, including their names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. We recognize that it is our important duty to protect such personal information, and handle it according to the following policy.

  1. In handling personal information, i.e. personally identifiable information on living individuals, we observe laws and other regulations relating to privacy protection, guidelines by competent authorities, and this privacy policy, and handle them in an appropriate manner. We will also work to improve the way we do this.
  2. We create rules on the proper handling of personal information, and keep all our personnel, i.e. regular employees, non-regular employees including contract and part-time workers, and others who are employed by Daihatsu Motor, as well as its board members and staff from staffing agencies, informed about the rules.
  3. In handling personal information, we limit the purposes of use as much as possible. Furthermore, we do not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to meet the purposes of use, excluding cases in which we obtain the prior consent of individuals who are identifiable by the personal information, and cases treated as exceptional by law.
  4. We do not use false or other dishonest methods to collect personal information. When we collect personal information, we reveal the purposes of use or notify individuals of them, unless otherwise specified by law. In the event of our collecting personal information in writing directly from individuals, we specify the purposes of use in advance.
  5. We work to keep contents of personal data, i.e. a collection of information including personal information, which is a constituent element of personal information database, etc. specified by ordinances as systematically organized for easy searches of specific personal information, accurate and updated within the scope of the purposes of use. We also take proper and necessary measures for the safe management of personal data, and supervise our personnel and contractors to protect the data from dangers such as leakage, alteration, or loss.
  6. We do not provide third parties not employed by the company with personal data without prior consent of the individuals, unless otherwise specified by law, such as when we provide it to our contractors to whom we outsource some of our operations.
  7. Individuals’ requests for disclosure or revision of their personal data – which we have rights to disclose or revise, except for data specified by law as detrimental to the public and other interests if their existence is made public, and for data which are to be deleted within 6 months -- will be handled by our designated section, and handled in good faith according to relevant laws.
  8. We respond to complaints by individuals about the handling of their personal information in a prompt and appropriate manner. We will create our systems to this end.

About this website

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We use cookies in this website to track your usage of this site and for advertisement surveys. Cookies are a type of file sent to users’ PCs at the request of web servers. Cookies can record what pages users have browsed, but the records do not include users’ personal information. You can reject cookies by modifying the configuration of your browsers.

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In this website, your access to the pages on our products and services is recorded in the form of access logs. Access logs do not record personally identifiable information, but register the names and types of your browsers, accessed pages, and dates of access, etc. We use these data for statistical analysis of your usage of our site for the purpose of improving the contents of this website, but not for other purposes.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. Social Media Use Policy

Established January 6, 2021

The following is our policy for the use of social media.

We conduct corporate activities based on the Daihatsu Group’s Basic CSR Principles and the Daihatsu Group Action Guidelines which encapsulate the appropriate conduct in society as a corporation and the basic attitude and conduct policy for our employees in society. Based on the recognition that communication with everyone in society—including our customers—is very important, our use of social media also follows these principles and guidelines.

If the following are deemed to apply to comments posted on our social media accounts as well as replies and citations, we may delete the post or block the account in question.

  1. Behavior that slanders, insults, defames, or obstructs business.
  2. Inappropriate product introduction, site viewing, or other solicitations.
  3. Behavior that may infringe the rights of third parties or lead to misunderstandings.
  4. Behavior that violates the agreements or regulations set by the company operating the social media platform, public order and standards of decency, or laws and regulations.
  5. Other behavior deemed inappropriate by Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

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