Environmental Initiatives

Basic Philosophy

Aiming to sustainable society, we in Daihatsu Group, strive positively to reduce environmental load and to improve environmental problems at all stages of vehicle manufacturing business from the planning to final disposal.
In addition, we share the details of our activity with our global stakeholders and work cooperatively on social contribution.
* These activities are taken by sharing and promoting “Toyota Earth Charter” as a member of Toyota Group.

I .Basic Policy
1. Contribution toward a prosperous 21st century society
 In order to contribute toward a prosperous 21st century, we aim to grow in harmony with the environment and challenge zero emissions in all areas of our business activities.

2. Pursuit of environmental technologies
 Pursue all possible environmental technologies by developing and establishing new technologies that realize both environment and economy.

3. Voluntary actions
 Develop a voluntary improvement plan, based on thorough preventive measures and compliance with laws, which addresses environmental issues on the global, national and regional scales and undertake continuous implementation.

4. Working in cooperation with society
 Build close and cooperative relationships with a wide spectrum of individuals and organizations involved in environmental conservation, including governments, local municipalities, in addition to affiliated companies and related industries.

Environmental Action Plan

The Daihatsu Environmental Action Plan is part of the Environmental Action Plan 2030, which focuses on long-term initiatives, and outlines our environmental initiatives for each of the five years, setting out the activities and goals.
Every five years, the Environmental Action Plan is summarized and evaluated, and its activities reviewed.
Environmental Action Plan is comprised of four items: “building a low-carbon society,” “building a recycling society,” “building a society in harmony with nature” and “environmental management.”

The Daihatsu Group’s environmental initiatives