Safety and Security

Light up safe and secure community improvement

Daihatsu seeks to identify and deal with obstacles that hinder people's mobility across the country so that everyone can move freely with peace of mind.

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Projects to Bond with the Community

As part of our activities of value or story creation that aim to expand contact with customers and residents in the broader community, Daihatsu seeks to leverage our strengths to help solve the interconnected issues of an aging society and regional revitalization. Through collaboration between academy, industry, government, and private organization, Daihatsu supports independent lifestyles that allow people to move freely regardless of age in regional societies with increasingly aging populations.

Traffic Safety Activities

In the regions where Daihatsu's workplaces are located, our employees are acting as crossing guards to support nationwide traffic safety activities. In order for cars to continue to be safe and fun, Daihatsu is proactively engaged in traffic safety activities as an automobile manufacturer.