Light up children who will create society's future

Enhance the vitality of each region through nurturing and supporting the children and youth who are our most valuable asset.

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Daihatsu Manufacturing Experience Class

Since 2015, Daihatsu employees have been going to elementary schools in the vicinity of their workplaces and holding classes to teach fifth graders the importance and enjoyment of manufacturing. Offering a class where children can experience the principles of manufacturing processes by looking at, touching, and using the actual parts and tools that are hard to learn through a textbook, Daihatsu staff now visit over 180 schools annually and have taught a total of 25,000 students.

Humobility World (Corporate Museum, Factory Tours)

"Humobility World" is a facility to convey to people how cars help them in their daily lives. Revolving around interactive exhibits, this facility is open to all ages including elementary school field trips as a facility where one can learn, experience, and make new discoveries while enjoying oneself.

Daihatsu ABC Badminton National Primary School Tournament

In conjunction with Daihatsu distributorships nationwide, Daihatsu supports the Daihatsu ABC Badminton National Primary School Tournament at all levels from the prefectural qualifying tournaments through to the final. In addition to supporting elementary school athletes, we also deepen interaction with regional communities.

Daihatsu ABC Badminton National Primary School Tournament