Environmental Conservation

Light up sustainable environmental conservation

Daihatsu will engage in activities to conserve and convey to future generations the environment, including the mountains, oceans, rivers, and forests, that has nurtured us.

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Daihatsu Group Eco Action Plan 2030

"Harmonious coexistence with the earth and society is our responsibility" is part of the Daihatsu Group Philosophy. In order to achieve this goal, we enacted "Environmental Action Plan 2030". In line with this plan, we will tackle activities aimed at realizing a low-carbon society that recycles and is in harmony with nature. Every person who works at the Daihatsu Group will maintain a high awareness of environmental conservation as they carry out this Action Plan.

Daihatsu Group Environmental Action Plan 2030

Building a Society in which People and Nature Live in Harmony

Working together with local communities, we contribute to conserve biodiversity and strive to achieve a zero-balance environment load through activities that leave communities rich in nature for the future. Therefore, we will contribute to activities that restore local ecosystems to their original condition.
Through these collaborative activities that are harmonized with nature, we will foster a "Light you up" mind and advance social contributions by training core human resources.

All-Toyota Green Wave Project Activities

The " All-Toyota Harmony with Nature Working Group " was established in collaboration with 23 affiliates in May 2015 to expand Toyota Group activities in harmony with nature, enhance the dissemination of information, and strengthen Group collaboration.

Local Cleaning Activities

As part of activities to conserve the environment and contribute to local communities, we are undertaking cleaning activities in areas where Daihatsu has workplaces.
Through these cleaning activities, our goal is to beautify the surrounding areas while invigorating communication with nearby companies and local residents.