Lighting up the community and cheering up people

Daihatsu, cooperating with its distributors,
seeks to be a brand with an affinity to the communities we live in and will engage in activities featuring five themes.

What is "Light you up action"?

There are two pillars that embody the Daihatsu Group slogan, "Light you up": value creation and product creation.
"Light you up action" is one of Daihatsu's initiatives to promote value creation (which aims to broaden contact with customers and the local community).

The Daihatsu Group (manufacturers and distributors) is united in its aim to enhance confidence in the brand with a close affinity to residents and communities, and is rolling out activities across the country featuring the five action themes of "Community Improvement," "Safety and Security," "Children," "Environmental Conservation," and "Culture and Sports," based on the idea of "Lighting up the community and cheering up people."

Concept of brand creation

"A brand with a close affinity with the residents and communities" is our goal. Daihatsu encourages you to express yourself freely and vigorously.

Themes and wishes

  • Light up attractive community improvement

    Daihatsu will contribute to help people build a community loved by everyone through the interactions among people enhancing unique attractions of each region.

  • Light up safe and secure community improvement

    Daihatsu seeks to identify and deal with obstacles that hinder people's mobility across the country so that everyone can move freely with peace of mind.

  • Light up children who will create society's future

    Enhance the vitality of each region through nurturing and supporting the children and youth who are our most valuable asset.

  • Light up sustainable environmental conservation

    Daihatsu will engage in activities to conserve and convey to future generations the environment, including the mountains, oceans, rivers, and forests, that has nurtured us.

  • Light up community culture and sports

    Daihatsu widely supports cultural and sports activities that have taken root in the community and helps grow a wealth of enjoyment for the residents.


  • Activities will be led by employees
  • Activities will be tackled from the community residents' point of view
  • Activities will be continuous