Daihatsu Launches Nibako All-in-One Mobile Sales Package Aiming to revitalize local communities through mobile sales support

Sep. 06, 2022
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) announced that it has commercialized Nibako, an all-in-one mobile sales package that supports retailers and other business owners that want to start mobile sales, using cargo boxes that can be installed on the decks of light trucks. Daihatsu will begin offering Nibako through sales companies centered on four prefectures (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kyoto) as of today.

Daihatsu has been working together with sales companies nationwide to take on community-based mobility service provision and CSR activities as KOTODUKURI to solve the problems of local customers and enrich their lives. Nibako is one of these efforts.
Nibako is designed to meet the needs of retailers and other business owners that want to start new mobile sales operations. Daihatsu will rent Nibako, a safe, secure, high-quality and convenient vehicle that only an automobile manufacturer can offer, at an affordable price. It will also provide business consultation services for new mobile sales operators. Furthermore, Daihatsu has also launched a Nibako website for business owners today, and aims to launch a smartphone app in FY2023 as well as add more content for consumers.
Daihatsu believes that the expansion of mobile sales by Nibako will bring people together in places that they have never been before and create new communication between business owners, related vendors, and consumers, thereby contributing to the revitalization of local communities.

Nibako will be launched today in limited regions centered around four sales companies (Daihatsu Tokyo Co., Ltd., Saitama Daihatsu Co., Ltd., Daihatsu Chiba Co., Ltd., and Kyoto Daihatsu Co., Ltd.). Daihatsu aims to gradually increase the number of regions where Nibako is offered and expand it on a nationwide scale. In addition to the development of Nibako for purposes other than mobile sales, Daihatsu will also provide further support for businesses and enhance information provision through application services as needed.

For this project, a virtual company was established within the company to promote the business through immediate decision making. Daihatsu also used a variety of ideas by personnel with multiple jobs inside and outside the company to promote deliberations. The knowledge gained from these new initiatives will be applied to the development of new businesses in the future.

Based on its “Light you up” approach, Daihatsu will continue to work closely with its sales companies nationwide to stay close to customers, enrich their lives, and accelerate its efforts in KOTODUKURI.

<Overview of Nibako All-in-One Mobile Sales Package>
(Please see the official website below for service details)

1. Features of Nibako

(1) Easy to start

- Rental period can be set per day or per month

- Rental rate starts at 13,200 yen (including tax) for a one-day plan or 66,000 yen (including tax) for a one-month plan (manufacturer’s suggested list price) (light truck included)

* Please contact each sales company for actual rental period and rates

(2) Suitable for a variety of business types and categories

- Can be used for a wide variety of business types and categories, from the sale of small goods, tableware, and clothing to fresh flowers, vegetables, confectionery, and prepared side dishes

* Cooking sales are not permitted

* Food sales are conducted at the customer’s own risk with notification submitted or permission obtained after meeting the conditions set by local health departments

(3) Daihatsu quality for peace of mind

- Light trucks and Nibako are always serviced and rented out at the sales company location

2. Overview of Provided Services

(1) Nibako rental

- Nibako is equipped on a HIJET TRUCK light truck and rented out to business owners by sales companies. The rental of Nibako alone is planned in the future

(2) Support for mobile sales

- Sales companies will provide business consultation services to those starting new mobile sales businesses and offer advice related to areas such as sales skills and knowledge

- Stalls can be set up using rented Nibako at “Marche” (markets) at Daihatsu sales company locations

(3) Nibako user services

- Information on potential stall locations for consumers posted on website

- Information offered on possible locations to open stalls

- Communication services to connect business owners with each other

- No charge for website use

[Service Scheme Diagram (Image)]

3. About Nibako

- Can be equipped and fixed on the deck of a light truck without modifying the base vehicle (no modification notification is required)

- Can be easily transformed into a store by one person simply by opening three doors

- Loading and unloading performed at sales company location

- In addition to Nibako, sliding partition walls, four attached aluminum racks (two high and two medium) and exclusive fixtures and belts are provided as a set

- Planned to be manufactured in-house at Head (Ikeda) Plant

Nibako Official Website

Contact for Inquiries about Nibako

Nibako Office Phone: 0120-285-860