Daihatsu Launches Goissho Shared Nursing Care Transportation Service

Apr. 22, 2022
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) will launch the “Goissho” shared nursing care transportation service on April 22, 2022. Targeting mainly local governments, the service will support the mobility and lifestyles of elderly people in the region based on the sharing of pick-up and drop-off operations at day-care facilities.

Daihatsu is engaged in the development of new mobility services in the area of welfare and nursing care as part of its KOTODUKURI initiative, aiming to solve social issues such as the declining birthrate and aging population and regional revitalization to achieve a society where people of any age can freely move around and live comfortably in cooperation with the local community. One of its efforts is RAKUPITA SOUGEI, the service to support day-care facilities in improving the efficiency of their pick-up and drop-off operations, which was launched in 2018 and has already been adopted by approximately 200 day-care facilities in Japan.

However, there is a growing shortage of labor at nursing care facilities in some areas. To solve this problem, Daihatsu has developed a new mobility service based on the knowledge gained from RAKUPITA SOUGEI to reduce the workload at multiple facilities in the community by outsourcing the transportation work to a third party, and to achieve more efficient transportation by sharing the work. In November 2020, a demonstration project was implemented in Mitoyo, Kagawa Prefecture. The results confirmed the effectiveness of the service, including a 20% reduction in the number of vehicles used for pick-ups and drop-offs. Therefore, the shared nursing care transportation service Goissho will be launched today for local governments nationwide.

Upon providing of the Goissho service, issues related to transportation to and from day-care facilities will be researched and demonstration experiments will be planned and conducted in cooperation with the local community during the consideration stage in order to make the service more community-oriented. After the decision is made to deploy the service, support to prepare for the service’s operation will be provided, including the formulation of roadmaps and revenue and expenditure plans and assistance and hospitality training for drivers. Once operation starts, support for daily operations and operation management system will be arranged.
In addition, the service will support advanced initiatives that combine the service with other services such as transportation services for shopping support and delivery of goods such as home meal services.
In conjunction with the launch of this service, an online information session for local governments will be held on May 26, 2022.

Going forward, Daihatsu will continue to work on both MONODUKURI and KOTODUKURI to realize a mobility society that enriches the lives of customers under the Group slogan of "Light you up."


Overview of Goissho Service


Utilizing the knowledge cultivated through RAKUPITA SOUGEI and the demonstration project in Mitoyo, Kagawa Prefecture, Daihatsu will provide the following:

(1) Integrated support provided by human resources specializing in nursing care transportation, from research and consideration to operation.

(2) A system equipped with a dedicated algorithm for nursing care transportation that reconciles complex and conflicting transportation needs

Overview of Service

Available Services Customer Service Details

Research & consideration

Local government

Ø Directly visit day-care facilities and survey their problems
Ø Visualize problems and simulate the effects of shared transportation
Ø Prepare a report on the results of the survey and verification, and report
    the results to the relevant parties
Ø Support service introduction evaluation
Ø Support planning, promotion, and verification of demonstration
    experiments (optional)
■Period: 3 months or longer
Price: Varies depending on scale and content

Operation preparation support Local governments and operating organizations entrusted with transportation services

Ø  Support development of a roadmap for the start of operations
Ø  Support the establishment of operational flow and manuals
Ø  Train drivers (assistance and hospitality training)
Ø  Coordinate and negotiate support with day-care facilities
Ø  Coordinate and negotiate support with regional transportation operators
Ø  Support acquisition of various necessary qualifications
Period: 6 months or longer
■Price: Varies depending on scale and content

Operation support operating organizations entrusted with transportation services

Ø  Provide shared transportation operation management system
Ø  Support service expansion and development
■System price: Usage fee starting from 175,000 yen (excluding tax)/month
* Varies depending on the scale of the system; no initial cost
* Dedicated smartphones are optional.


Features of the shared transportation operation management system

- Before operation: Using a specialized algorithm developed exclusively for nursing care transportation, the system creates an optimal transportation plan for efficient transportation, taking into consideration the passenger loads and desired times for users at multiple facilities.

- During operation: The latest transportation status is shared with related parties when the driver operates his/her smartphone at the time of departure or arrival at a user's home. It supports complex information coordination in the event of delayed pick-ups and drop-offs and sudden cancellations by users.

Method of offering

Directly from Daihatsu Motor to local governments and operating organizations entrusted with transportation services


Dedicated contact for inquiries regarding Goissho

TEL: 072-747-2193 / E-mail: goissho@dk.daihatsu.co.jp
Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00
(Excluding national holidays and Daihatsu’s designated holidays such as Golden Week, summer and New Year vacations)

Application for the Online Information Session for Local Governments

Please send your municipality name, department name, name and contact information to


- Overview of the Goissho service

- Shared transportation operation management system screen