Nursing Care MaaS Goissho Service Launching in Spring 2022 ~Inviting Local Governments to Consider Introduction Ahead of Launch~

Oct. 21, 2021
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) will begin offering the “Goissho” service, a shared nursing care transportation service in the spring of 2022. Goissho supports the mobility and lifestyles of the region’s elderly through the sharing of pick-up and drop-off operations at day care facilities and other added services.

Daihatsu has been providing its RAKUPITA SOUGEI ( service since 2018 to support nursing care facilities in improving the efficiency of their separate pick-up and drop-off operations. However, the issue of human resources shortages in some areas where each nursing care facility provides individual transportation has become apparent.
Daihatsu and the city of Mitoyo in Kagawa Prefecture began examining possibilities toward the resolution of this issue in October of 2019. A trial project conducted in November 2020 demonstrated that outsourcing pick-up and drop-off services can reduce the workload at nursing care facilities and that regional sharing can achieve efficient operation. Furthermore, interviews conducted with local governments showed that many were facing similar issues, regardless of area and population size. For this reason, Daihatsu decided to launch the Goissho shared nursing care transportation service nationwide, believing it would be well received by society. Ahead of Goissho’s launch in spring of 2022, Daihatsu is inviting local governments to consider its introduction.

Overview of Goissho(


Through a shared transportation service where pick-up and drop-off operations at day care facilities are operated jointly in a region, Goissho aims to contribute to the resolution of human resource shortages and creation of an environment for high quality nursing care services by reducing the burden of pick-up and drop-off operations for facilities. Furthermore, it aims to provide high-quality nursing care services in a sustainable manner for regions.
In addition to pick-up and drop-off at facilities, this service aims to support regional mobility by making use of free time during transportation and adding services that address regional issues, such as transportation services including shopping support and the delivery of goods including home meal services.

<Provided Solutions (Planned)> *Details to be revealed in spring of 2022

Phase Subject Provided Solution
Consideration of Goissho Introduction Local government bodies ▸ Goissho introduction support consulting Surveys of the problems faced by nursing care facilities, trial planning/promotion/outcome measurement, coordination with stakeholders for introduction, etc.
Post-Goissho Introduction Transportation service operators ▸ System to support the creation of operation planning and management
▸ Business operation know-how, including the formulation of operational procedures
▸ Proposals that meet local needs in cooperation with partners