Second Daihatsu Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

Jul. 15, 2020
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

A Daihatsu employee who works at the company’s Head (Ikeda) Plant 1st District in Ikeda-shi, Osaka, has tested positive for COVID-19. Including the previous employee who tested positive on April 26, there are now two Daihatsu employees who have tested positive for COVID-19.
The employee in question had a fever on July 10. After observing for changes while recovering at home, there was no improvement to the employee’s situation. Therefore, the employee sought treatment at a medical institution on July 13 and took a PCR test. On July 14, the result of the PCR test came back positive.
The entire floor on which the employee’s place of work is located has already been disinfected. Daihatsu is also working with the relevant public health authorities to take proper action, including interviewing the employee to understand the places visited by the employee and confirm the people who had close contact with the employee.
Daihatsu offers its sincerest apologies for the worry this announcement will cause to local residents and other parties.

Going forward, Daihatsu will continue to carry out the measures listed below in order to prevent infection and also coordinate with the relevant public health authorities to promote these measures.

  • Promoting teleworking and staggered working hours, and limiting meetings and business trips
  • Checking the health of all employees on a daily basis
  • Ensuring that employees follow guidelines regarding hand-washing, gargling, disinfecting, and mask-wearing, as well as follow etiquette when coughing

Should there be any change to the current situation, Daihatsu will announce the relevant information in a speedy manner. The company intends to prioritize controlling the spread of COVID-19 both internally and externally, and safeguard the health of both employees and their families. To this end, Daihatsu will continue to coordinate with the relevant parties.

Daihatsu very much hopes for the understanding of everyone concerned.