Daihatsu to Exhibit on the Theme of “Gathering” at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 “Warm Future Lifestyles” Embodied by Concept Cars and Live Performances

Oct. 08, 2019
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) will give four concept cars their world premieres at Tokyo Motor Show 2019, which will be held in the Odaiba area of Tokyo from October 24 to November 4.

The theme of the Daihatsu booth will be “Gathering: providing warmth to everyone’s lives.” The entire booth will be used to express “a warm future lifestyle,” in which cars provide energy to people and communities all over Japan.

Daihatsu wants the motor show to be enjoyable for all visitors and, as such, is planning to provide content for children both inside and outside the booth. Inside the booth, it will establish a kids corner, where activities such as coloring-in will take place; outside the booth, Daihatsu will for the first time at a motor show collaborate with KidZania, a facility that enables children to try adult jobs and activities, and set up an area where children can try their hands at assembling cars.

The four concept cars that will be given their world premieres have been named according to their usage scenarios in daily lives and the feelings of the people who will use them: IcoIco, TsumuTsumu, WaiWai, and WakuWaku.

IcoIco is an autonomous “public transporter” that seeks to provide first-mile and last-mile transportation. TsumuTsumu is a compact, next-generation mini-truck that features a large cabin and a convenient, spacious cargo bed. As concept cars, both have been imagined as forms of mobility that will support future Japanese lifestyles. WaiWai, a perfectly-sized mini-van with comfortable cabin space, and WakuWaku, a mini-SUV, are concept cars that places importance on the inherent joy of cars in a manner unique to Daihatsu.

Reference Exhibits

1. IcoIco and Nipote

“A public transporter”
An autonomous “public transporter” that aims to support the free movement of all people by providing first-mile and last-mile mobility

With its retractable slope, the IcoIco is designed to make entry and exit easy for all passengers, including wheelchair users and holidaymakers with large pieces of luggage

Small enough to travel through narrow roads in front of passenger houses and destinations, the IcoIco seeks to provide first-mile and last-mile mobility

The IcoIco comes with a care robot named Nipote, which provides verbal assistance for mobility lifestyles

2. TsumuTsumu

“A next-generation mini-truck that caters to diverse usage situation”
Features a large cabin with outstanding ease of entry and exit, and a spacious cargo bed
The cargo bed can be replaced according to different uses, so catering to a wide range of usage situation

The TsumuTsumu retains the same cargo hold length as before, and combines this with a newly designed, spacious and convenient cabin layout

The new door opening design makes entering and exiting the vehicle outstandingly easy

The replaceable cargo hold significantly expands the possible range of uses for a mini-truck; in addition to traditional usage situation, the TsumuTsumu’s cargo hold can be used as an agricultural drone base, or a private interior space

3. WaiWai

“A comfortably spacious, perfectly-sized mini-van”
A spacious interior that encourages users to go out and have fun

The WaiWai is a three-row, six-seater compact mini-van

Compact and easy to drive, it features a sunroof to achieve a spacious interior with a sense of openness

With its modern, friendly design, the WaiWai distinguishes itself from existing mini-vans

4. WakuWaku

“A mini-crossover that opens up new spheres of enjoyment”
An ideally-sized mini-SUV that inspires users to load up with their favorite belongings and go wherever they want

The WakuWaku features an incredibly convenient cargo space and roof luggage space

The mini-SUV boasts an interior and exterior design that is dependable and robust