Daihatsu Connect to Launch with DNGA Part Two: Providing the Peace of Mind of Being Connected

Oct. 07, 2019
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) will launch Daihatsu Connect, a service that connects customers with cars and with Daihatsu by linking customer smartphones with Display Audio and car navigation systems (hereinafter “connectable in-vehicle devices”). Based on its concept of “advanced technologies for everyone,” Daihatsu intends to make use of smartphones to create a connected system that can be used long-term with at limited expense for customers, and so provide even greater peace of mind. Daihatsu Connect will initially be equipped to the new models that comprise DNGA Part Two, which are scheduled for launch before the end of 2019. At the same time, Daihatsu will launch Daihatsu Wi-Fi*1, which provides support for in-vehicle communications.

Daihatsu Connect is a unique service whose goal is to provide users with greater peace of mind in their car lives. By linking cars with customer smartphones, the service enables the easy provision of connected services. When the Daihatsu Connect app is installed on the smartphones of drivers and their families, users gain access to four types of support: Connected Support, which provides safety and peace of mind in times of emergency; Visible Drive, which safeguards both driver and car; My Car Visualization, which enables the condition of the car to be checked via smartphones; and Connected Care, which provides support for vehicle maintenance and management.

Daihatsu Wi-Fi entails installing a Wi-Fi router inside a car to provide communications support. To customers who purchase connectable in-vehicle devices, Daihatsu will provide in-vehicle Wi-Fi routers and 1GB per month of data usage for the first three years of the service free of charge. In addition to enabling the use of connected services, Daihatsu Wi-Fi reduces communications costs incurred by customers using smartphone, tablets, and other devices in the rear seats. Daihatsu also intends to provide a variety of paid plans for customers who require larger data volumes*2.

Display Audio, which will be equipped to new Daihatsu models launched before the end of 2019, will enable customers to make use of SmartDeviceLinkTM*3 (“SDL”) and Apple CarPlay*4. Smartphone apps that cater to SDL and Apple CarPlay can be displayed and controlled via Display Audio; this strengthens the connection between smartphone and car, and increases customer safety and convenience.

※1: “Wi-Fi” is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance

※2: Further details will be released when the service launches

※3: SmartDeviceLinkTM is a trademark or registered trademark of the SmartDeviceLink Consortium.

※4: Apple CarPlay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and other countries
Daihatsu Connect and Daihatsu Wi-Fi cannot be used at the same time as Apple CarPlay

Overview of Daihatsu Connect

1. Connected Support

Connected Support comprises two features—“Accident Support” and “Breakdown Support”—which enable smooth response in the case of accidents or breakdowns

Accident Support detects an accident has taken place when airbags are deployed, displays a list of contacts on connectable in-vehicle devices, then calls whichever contact is chosen. When airbags are deployed, Accident Support also automatically sends accident data, position data, and vehicle data to the Accident and Breakdown Center, so making the circumstances of the accident easier to explain.
When the breakdown warning light flashes, Breakdown Support displays the reason for the warning on connectable in-vehicle devices. Breakdown data is automatically sent to the Accident and Breakdown Center, enabling users to receive advice over the telephone.
If accidents or breakdowns occur, Connected Support automatically sends messages to pre-registered email addresses; this enables family members and loved ones to be notified of worrying situations as soon as possible, and so enhances peace of mind.

2. Visible Drive

A guardian service that connects drivers with family members and loved ones

Visible Drive automatically sends emails to pre-registered “guardians” in four scenarios: when the driver is involved in an accident or breakdown; when the driver goes out; when the driver leaves or returns to a designated area; and when the driver arrives home or at another designated location. In this way, Driving Visualization allows people close to the driver to watch over his or her activities. In addition, the current position of the car can be checked on the Daihatsu Port*5 userpage.

*5Daihatsu Port is a website operated by Daihatsu for its customers

3. My Car Visualization

My Car Visualization connects drivers with their cars, and enables the car’s condition to be checked remotely

When a driver switches off his or her car engine, My Car Visualization [Visible My Car] automatically registers the position data of the parked car and allows this to be checked via the driver’s smartphone.
When the driver returns to the car, he or she can also access route guidance via the map app. When the engine is switched off, the latest car information—concerning the amount of fuel remaining, cruising range, amount of battery remaining on the key battery (only displayed when battery is running low), trip distance, and average fuel efficiency—is also automatically registered, and can be checked on the Daihatsu Port userpage.

4. Connected Care

Connected Care provides support for car maintenance by linking customers with dealers

Information related to car maintenance—including vehicle checks and inspections, and recalls—are displayed on connectable in-vehicle devices, and automatically sent to user smartphones. By providing car maintenance information in an easy to understand manner, Connected Care helps customers remember to maintain their vehicles.

Further information about Daihatsu Connect can be found on the official Daihatsu website: