Daihatsu to support “The Happy Ride with Baymax”, new attraction of Tokyo Disneyland® Park Scheduled to Open in Spring 2020 Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. will provide the “The Happy Ride with Baymax”

Apr. 15, 2019
Daihatsu Motor Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Land Co., Ltd.
(Code Number 4661 TSE First Section)

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Ikeda City, Osaka, President Okudaira Souichiro) announces that it sponsors the Tokyo Disneyland attraction, “The Happy Ride with Baymax” from April 15, 2019.

“The Happy Ride with Baymax” is an attraction based on the Disney movie " Big Hero 6" and will appear in "Tomorrowland" in Tokyo Disneyland’s large-scale development, which is working towards opening in the spring of 2020. Guests will join their own personal healthcare companion for an exciting musical “whip ride” that swings them unpredictably round and round.

The picture of “The Happy Ride with Baymax” is an image and may change in the future The picture of “The Happy Ride with Baymax” is an image and may change in the future

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. has been sponsoring “Guest Parking at Tokyo Disneyland”, “Guest Parking at Tokyo DisneySea” and Tokyo DisneySea’s “Mermaid Lagoon Theater”, and now with the addition of the new ride, “The Happy Ride with Baymax”, Daihatsu will sponsor the following four facilities from today.

  • Tokyo Disneyland

“Guest Parking at Tokyo Disneyland”
“The Happy Ride with Baymax”

  • Tokyo DisneySea

“Guest Parking at Tokyo DisneySea Parking”
“Mermaid Lagoon Theater”

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(Tokyo)  TEL 03-4231-8854
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About “The Happy Ride with Baymax”

“The Happy Ride with Baymax” is a ride-type attraction that will open in Tomorrowland and is based on the Disney movie "Big Hero 6".

Name: “The Happy Ride with Baymax”
Attraction Model Ride Type
Experience Time Approx. 1 min 30 sec
Contents With Baymax watching, you can enjoy this thrilling and exciting experience and each guest will be accompanied by a “care robot” on a rotating ride and move unpredictably in time with the rhythmical music.
Usage Restrictions Height 81cm or above
Launch Time Spring of 2020 (Scheduled)
Investment Amount Approx. 6 billion yen (Scheduled)