Daihatsu develops a new voice recognition system for entering inspection results to optimize inspections and maintenance at its dealers Improving the quality of after sales services via quick and reassuring inspections and maintenance

Feb. 01, 2018
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) has developed a new system that recognizes mechanic voices and automatically enters the results of inspections. The system is set to be used for regular car inspections and maintenance, and has now been officially launched at sales companies.

In recent years, Japan’s declining birthrate and aging population has led to a shortage of mechanics in the field of automobile maintenance. Developed with the aim of improving service quality, this system reduces the time required for inspections and maintenance and increases accuracy, enabling a limited number of personnel to carry out their work in a quick and effective manner.

Previously when conducting necessary inspections and maintenance, mechanics had to write down the results in a prescribed record book by hand. They also had to write reports for customers containing the results of the inspections and maintenance. The process was extremely time-consuming.

With the new system, mechanics are equipped with a wearable microphone and use a dedicated tablet terminal to carry out inspections and maintenance. The tablet reads out inspection items in a predetermined order, and the mechanic carries out the relevant inspection and speaks the result—such as “satisfactory” or “needs replacing”—into the microphone. The tablet then automatically records the results. When tightening bolts or engaging in other work that requires the use of a digital torque wrench, the torque values are also automatically recorded, thereby contributing to improved traceability.

Inspection results reports can be created and printed out for customers at the touch of a button. The reports indicate when the next inspection should take place and encourage customers to continue returning to the dealer.

The new system has undergone demonstration testing over the course of approximately a year at sales companies, and now incorporates a number of improvements. It was officially launched at the reopening of Kochi Daihatsu Hanbai Co., Ltd.’s Nangoku Shop on February 3, 2018.

Going forward, Daihatsu intends to roll out the system to sales companies nationwide with the aim of optimizing service work processes and improving service quality. By carrying out inspections and maintenance in a quick and reassuring manner, Daihatsu aims to position itself in the role of a “family doctor”—a familiar and reassuring presence where customers can go and receive satisfactory after sales services.

A mechanic inspects an air cleaner element. The results of the inspection are spoken into the microphone attached to his chest, and then automatically entered into the tablet terminal shown in the background of the photograph.

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The wearable microphone (left) and a screenshot of the tablet terminal (right)