Daihatsu Develops “RAKUPITA SOUGEI,” a Day Care Facility Pick-up and Delivery Support System

Nov. 13, 2017
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) updated its Group Slogan to “Light you up” to mark the
company’s 110th anniversary on March 1, 2017. The company intends to strengthen its unique
MONODUKURI, with the aim of providing mobility solutions that support and enrich individual lifestyles
all over the world, and, at the same time, is also promoting initiatives that increase points of contact with
customers and local communities through KOTODUKURI.
As part of its KOTODUKURI activities, Daihatsu has developed the “RAKUPITA SOUGEI,” a pick-up
and delivery support system for day care facilities.

The “RAKUPITA SOUGEI,” system aims to promote the use of compact cars to pick up and deliver
users of day care facilities. Day care facility users favor compact cars, since they allow them to be
quickly picked up from and delivered to their doorsteps.
The system seeks to resolve the issues that employees at day care facilities have with picking up and
delivering users, such as the creation of pick-up and delivery schedules and transportation
management. The system’s key features are outlined below:

◆Simple, smartphone-based telematics that can be used immediately in any facility-owned vehicle

◆Pick-up and delivery schedules are currently created manually by experienced employees; the
“RAKUPITA SOUGEI,” system enables anyone to easily create optimal pick-up and delivery

◆All drivers are provided with dedicated smartphones, to which created pick-up and delivery schedules
are sent. Transportation records and cancel notifications can also be mutually shared between drivers
and a facility via a single smartphone—the first time such a function has been implemented in Japan*.
By reducing the number of time-consuming jobs they have to carry out while driving, the system
enables drivers to focus on driving.

◆The system utilizes movement records to enable pick-up and delivery routes to be reviewed, vehicle
numbers to be optimized, and so make pick-up and delivery work more efficient
*In a day care facility-oriented pick-up and delivery management system, according to in-house research.

At present, the “RAKUPITA SOUGEI,” system is undergoing demonstration tests at a number of Sompo
Care Next Inc. facilities. Facility employees have provided the following positive feedback on the
system: “Inexperienced employees are now able to create reasonable schedules,” “the creation of less
crowded schedules has reduced driver workloads, enabling drivers to focus on driving,” and “we were
able to reduce the number of vehicles we used.”

Going forwards, Daihatsu intends to expand its demonstration tests to facilities in Tokyo, Chiba,
Saitama and Kanagawa, and is targeting the provision a fully operational service by the end of FY2018.
Daihatsu aims to be a company that is intimately connected to its customers, and to realize a mobility
society that enriches its customers’ lives.

Image of the system

Example screen

For further information about the “RAKUPITA SOUGEI,” system, please use the contact details below:
TEL:+81-120-994-292                E-mail:rakupita-s@dk.daihatsu.co.jp