Exhibiting Concept Cars that Capture the COPEN and CAST Worldview at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

Dec. 24, 2015
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (“Daihatsu”) will be exhibiting COPEN and CAST concept cars at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016, which is due to take place from January 15 (Fri.) to January 17 (Sun.) at Makuhari Messe (Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba prefecture).

Based on the theme “More fun, more individual”, Daihatsu will be exhibiting newly designed concept cars based on the COPEN, using DRESS FORMATION changeable interior and exterior styling, as well as concept cars with an emphasis on the worldview behind CAST SPORT and CAST ACTIVA. The exhibition will also feature seven commercially available cars fitted with genuine parts, with the aim of highlighting the appeal of Daihatsu’s customized cars.

List of major vehicles on display

  Vehicle name Foundation car
2 COPEN Cero Coupe Concept COPEN Cero
3 COPEN Robe Shooting Brake Concept COPEN Robe
4 CAST SPORT Race Specification CAST SPORT
5 CAST SPORT D-SPORT Specification
6 CAST ACTIVA Off-Road Specification CAST ACTIVA

COPEN Cero Coupe Concept

  • Sleek coupe design with real sense of unity, from the roof through to the trunk and rear spoiler, based on the design theme “elegant & emotional”

COPEN Robe Shooting Brake Concept

  • Striking a balance between increased luggage space and majestic cabin design, based on the design theme “cool & gentle”

COPEN Adventure

  • Exclusive exterior panels and increased clearance, for a “tough SUV-like COPEN capable of driving headlong into the unknown”

CAST SPORT Race Specification

  • Incorporates exclusive aerodynamic parts, including aero-hood and front spoiler, to capture the exhilarating feel of racing around the track

CAST SPORT D-SPORT Specification

  • Equipped with D-SPORT parts, including exclusive suspension kit, bucket seats and sports muffler

CAST ACTIVA Off-Road Specification

  • Placing a firm emphasis on the off-road image of the ACTIVA, thanks to 80mm increased clearance and 15-ince large tires

Press briefing details

  • Date: 11:00, Friday January 15 (admission from 10:30)
  • Venue: Daihatsu booth
  • Attending: Osamu Fujishita, COPEN Chief Engineer, Product Planning Division
  • Theme: Unveiling the Grand Prize Winner of the COPEN DRESS FORMATION DESIGN AWARD

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