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  • NEWJun. 01, 2011

Daihatsu Temporarily Changes Company Holidays

Jun. 01, 2011

The Japanese Automotive Manufacturers' Association (JAMA) has requested JAMA members to change holidays from Saturdays and Sundays to Thursdays and Fridays during the summer period to aid the national effort to reduce electricity consumption.

In response, for the period July 1 through September 30, Daihatsu Motor will designate - for plants and offices(*) in Japan - Thursdays and Fridays as holidays, and Saturdays and Sundays as workdays.

As Daihatsu continues to work toward normalizing its production following the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami, it realizes the considerable inconvenience being experienced by customers due to delayed delivery of new vehicles. Daihatsu apologizes sincerely for this, and for any inconvenience - including to business partners, suppliers and dealers - caused by our continuing efforts to reduce electricity consumption.

(*) Some divisions can be its exception, for needs of contact with customers or business partners in Thursdays and Fridays.