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Daihatsu Marks 100th Anniversary of Foundation

Mar. 01, 2007

DAIHATSU MOTOR CO., LTD. (Daihatsu) announced today that in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of its foundation on 1st March, 2007, it has adopted a new Group Philosophy, Basic CSR Principles and Group Slogan under the themes of "a new resolve for the next 100 years" and "gratitude to customers." To mark this milestone, Daihatsu will also open a museum to exhibit historical materials, and donate 100 mini-vehicles specially equipped for disabled people.

1. Adoption of a new Group Philosophy

Since its establishment in March 1907, Daihatsu has conducted business with "manufacturing small cars loved by all people" as its mission. The new Group Philosophy--The DAIHATSU Group aims to establish itself as "a global brand loved around the world" and as "a corporate group with confidence and pride" by challenging innovative automobile manufacturing at the forefront of our era--seeks to further pursue this mission for the next 100 years and make Daihatsu a truly global company.
In addition, the DAIHATSU Group's Basic CSR Principles have been adopted as the company’s fundamental stance on corporate activities, designed to achieve satisfaction on the part of customers and all other stakeholders.
The new DAIHATSU Group Slogan "Innovation for Tomorrow" represents the company’s commitment to society to put these ideas into practice, to make a new start for the next century, and to incorporate "innovation" in all corporate activities.
The new group slogan will be used in a diverse range of corporate communications both in Japan and overseas, including television commercials.

2. 100th Anniversary Commemorative Activities

1. Establishment of a museum to exhibit historical materials,

"Humobility World—The World of Human and Automotive Discovery"
Daihatsu will construct a facility with a distinctive exterior appearance where people can learn while having fun with a focus on hands-on displays under the themes of "people-friendly" and "earth-friendly" automobile manufacturing. The four-story steel structure with a floor area of 2,900m2 will be located adjacent to the Daihatsu Head Office in Ikeda city, Osaka Prefecture, and is scheduled to open to the public on 7th May. Each floor will have a separate theme, described below.

Second Floor: Display of early engines and the first automobiles manufactured by Daihatsu
Displays will include the LH-25, the engine manufactured by Daihatsu early days after its establishment, and the three-wheeled vehicle that Daihatsu initially made.
Third Floor: A presentation of unchanging values through the display of past vehicles
On display will be the Midget, a vehicle known as the "road helicopter," in common use during Japan’s period of rapid economic growth, and the Daihatsu Compagno Berlina, which drove the entire course of the Olympic flame from Olympia in the year of the Tokyo Olympics.
Fourth Floor: The potential and dream of future mobility explained to children and adults
Displays will include futuristic labs that combine videos and science shows showing the mobility of the future, and driving simulators that allow hands-on experience with future mobility technologies.

2. Donation of 100 mini-vehicles specially equipped for disabled people

To support the daily lives of and greater social participation by senior citizens and disabled persons, Daihatsu will donate 100 mini-vehicles specially equipped for disabled people in cooperation with the government of Osaka Prefecture. One vehicle each will be donated to the 47 prefectural governments nationwide through the National Governors’ Association, and other recipients will include those who have outlying islands or whose railroad coverage falls below the national average.

Reference: Outline of DAIHATSU Group Philosophy, DAIHATSU Group's Basic CSR Principles and DAIHATSU Group Slogan

1. DAIHATSU Group Philosophy

The DAIHATSU Group aims to establish itself as "a global brand loved around the world" and as "a corporate group with confidence and pride" by challenging innovative automobile manufacturing at the forefront of our era.

1 The pleasure of customers worldwide is our reward. Customer Orientation
2 Mutual respect and a sense of fairness are our bonds. Respect for Individuals and Fairness
3 Harmonious coexistence with the earth and society is our responsibility. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
4 Speed, breakthroughs and leadership are our basic concerns. Corporate Constitutional Reform
5 Making the world's finest small cars is our challenge. Technological & Product Capabilities

2. DAIHATSU Group's Basic CSR Principles

1. Our Customers and Ourselves

We achieve customer safety, satisfaction and confidence by providing safe, high-quality, eco-friendly products and services at reasonable prices based on the perspective of "meeting every customer need".

2. Society and Ourselves

We value communication with the local community and the global community from the perspective of "harmonious coexistence with society".

3. Our Business Partners and Ourselves

We exert every effort to establish enduring and mutually respectful partnerships with our business partners based on a vision of "open and fair trade".

4. Our Shareholders and Ourselves

We consistently maintain a long-term perspective and strive to improve our corporate value based on the concept of "healthy management through dialogue".

5. We Are the "Implementers"

Each of us strives to grow as a good citizen of society while conducting actions that contribute to society, based on a commitment to upholding these "Basic CSR Principles".

We immediately disclose all occurrences that contradict these basic principles and respond to them faithfully.

3. DAIHATSU Group Slogan

DAIHATSU Group Slogan