Safety Technology

Daihatsu aimes making vehicles that even unsure drivers can drive safely and with confidence.

Preparation for the event of collision (collision safety)

Body that protects occupant space from the force of collision (TAF)

Tanto collision-safety body TAF (Total Advanced Function)

The Tanto features front side members to efficiently absorb energy as well as a body structure that distributes the force of collision impact. Along with high tensile strength steel and steel plates of variable thickness, these features have improved the Tanto’s collision impact absorption performance, improved cabin rigidity, and reduced vehicle weight.

Absorbing impact on occupants (SRS Airbags)

In the event of a strong frontal collision, the dual SRS airbags deploy and contract instantly to minimize serious injury to the occupants’ heads and torsos. SRS side airbags (driver and passenger seats) reduce the impact of side collisions. SRS curtain shield airbags (front and rear seats) protect the heads of occupants.

Body that reduces impact on pedestrians

Thor: Pedestrian injury-lessening body

Impact alleviation devices and absorption spaces are featured on the hood, fenders, and windshield wiper pivots in the event of an accident involving a pedestrian.

Preventing accidents (active safety)

Assist avoidance of collision between vehicle and pedestrian (Smart Assist III)

Smart Assist III supports confidence and safety with various functions including a collision-avoidance breaking function (for vehicles and pedestrians), collision warning function (for vehicles and pedestrians), lane departure warning function, erroneous start warning function, preceding vehicle departure warning function, and auto high beam.
Equipped with the world's smallest*1 stereo camera that in the future can be installed not only on more spacious vehicles such as the Tanto but also on smaller mini vehicles.

True to its philosophy of delivering security and safety to all vehicle users by providing the latest features at reasonable prices, Daihatsu will continue to advance its mini vehicles and compact cars by reflecting the needs of customers.

*1: The world’s smallest stereo camera with an interval of 80 mm between the left and right cameras (as of November 30, 2016, according to research by Daihatsu).

Compact stereo camera (Tanto)

2 rear corner sensors (Tanto)

Driving assists by eliminating blind spots around the vehicle (Panorama Monitor)

Panorama Monitor helps any driver drive more securely and safely. Four cameras on the vehicle capture views in all directions and a bird’s eye view is projected on the navigation screen.

Front camera (Move Canbus)

Side camera (Move Canbus)

Back camera (Move Canbus)

Improving nighttime visibility ahead
(Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) steering-interconnected head lamps)

Without AFS

With AFS

Features a swiveling mechanism that optimizes the aim of the headlamps according to steering control.
AFS always aims the headlamps in the direction of travel, ensuring vision in corners and at intersections for a peace of mind even when driving at night.

Warning vehicles to the rear of emergency braking (Emergency Stop Signal)

When the driver brakes strongly at a speed of 60 km/h or above, the hazard lights will flash rapidly at the same time that the stop lights light to warn vehicles to the rear.

Assisting in steering and accelerator controls (VSC & TRC)

In the event the car skids due to a sudden steering control or while cornering on a slippery surface, VSC automatically controls the brakes and engine output to maintain vehicle stability.
TRC controls tire spins upon launch or acceleration to assist accelerator controls.

※Note: Above is the proto-type photo so the specifications may differ from the current sales model

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