Safety Technology

Daihatsu aims making vehicles that even unsure drivers can drive safely and with confidence.

Preparation for the event of collision (collision safety)

Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB)

Adaptive Driving Beam

When driving with headlights on high beam, ADB detects oncoming vehicles and automatically dims part of the illuminated area.
ADB therefore delivers the improved visibility of high beam without dazzling oncoming drivers.

Full-LED headlights

Full-LED headlights

Our headlights offer a bright, white illumination to increase peace of mind while driving at night.
Some models and grades are equipped with auto-leveling functions, which automatically adjust the vertical projection of the lights according to passenger and luggage weight.

VSC and TRC provide steering and acceleration support

VSC automatically controls braking and engine output to ensure the vehicle's stability during sudden steering operations, while turning on slippery road surfaces, and on other occasions when the car has a tendency to slide sideways.
TRC prevents wheelspin when accelerating for improved acceleration control.

Collision safety: guarding against collisions

Body that protects occupant space from the force of collision (TAF)

Mira e:S: Total Advanced Function (TAF) collision safety body

Total Advanced Function (TAF) bodies combine a strong cabin with improved collision absorption with light weight. Key features include front side members with high-efficiency energy-absorbing structures, a body structure that disperses impact forces, and the use of high-tensile steel plates and steel plates of varying thicknesses.

Absorbing impact on occupants (SRS Airbags)

In the event of a strong frontal collision, the dual SRS airbags deploy and contract instantly to minimize serious injury to the occupants’ heads and torsos. SRS side airbags (driver and passenger seats) reduce the impact of side collisions. SRS curtain shield airbags (front and rear seats) protect the heads of occupants.

Body that reduces impact on pedestrians

Tanto: Pedestrian injury-mitigating body

Impact alleviation devices and absorption spaces are featured on the hood, fenders, and windshield wiper pivots in the event of an accident involving a pedestrian.

*Note: Above is the proto-type photo so the specifications may differ from the current sales model.