Evolutionary powertrain

At Daihatsu, our goal is to create cars that can be used with peace of mind and with comfort in a range of everyday scenarios, such as for commuting, carrying passengers, and work; we strive to deliver cars that are both cheap to maintain and friendly to the environment.

High quality at affordable prices: an engine with the ultimate characteristics

KF engine

Power, fuel efficiency, low exhaust emissions, quietness—the KF engine realizes all these qualities to the highest degree.
The engine adopts a multi-spark ignition for the first* time in Japan, as well as improved “swirl” fuel-injection methods for more efficient combustion.

*Correct as of June 6, 2019, according to research carried out by Daihatsu.

D-CVT: a new split-gear CVT system


D-CVT (Dual mode CVT) is the world’s first split-gear CVT system*.
D-CVT combines belt drive with a high transmission-efficiency gear drive, improving fuel efficiency, acceleration feel, and quietness.

As of June 6, 2019, according to research carried out by Daihatsu. In contrast to belt-type continuously variable transmission, this system enables motive force to be split and transmitted through both the belt and gears.

Dynamic 4WD that adapts to different road surface conditions

Our use of dynamic torque control 4WD provides stable driving performance in a variety of usage scenarios; when accelerating or steering, and when driving on slippery surfaces, our 4WD system guarantees the necessary performance.

Reducing Gasoline Consumption during Idling

"eco IDLE" with Idling Stop Function

Boon eco IDLE

The Boon features an idling stop function. Fuel efficiency has been improved by increasing the idling stop time, which stops the engine when the brake is pressed and speed drops below a certain level.

First Malaysian National Car Fitted with "eco IDLE"

Malaysia Bezza

"Bezza" is the first Malaysian national car to use "eco IDLE" (an idling stop system), which has a long track record in compact cars in Japan. It has been recognized as having the best*1 fuel efficiency of gasoline cars in Malaysia, and conforms to the national governments Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) policy.

*1: As of July 22, 2016

Eco-friendly power generation

High-efficiency alternator

Our powertrain incorporates an eco-friendly power generation control system that draws on energy created while decelerating to charge the battery.
A high-efficiency alternator is used to control charging while driving, thereby reducing the load on the engine.

*Note: Above is the proto-type photo so the specifications may differ from the current sales model.