Quality Assurance Initiatives

Basic Approach: Perpetual Practice of Quality Improvement

Quality at Daihatsu is not limited only to the quality of products and services but is made up of three pillars that include the quality of processes that give birth to products and services as well as the quality of the capability development system for employees that implement these processes. Daihatsu’s quality assurance is positioned as an initiative that always places customer satisfaction and trust as the top priority and perpetually improves these three pillars of quality.

Quality of Processes that Give Birth to Products and Services

To guarantee that the quality of products and services can satisfy and be trusted by customers as well as allow prolonged use, all work—planning, design, manufacturing, sales, and service—must come from the customers’ perspective.

The relationship with cars—created by customers and Daihatsu—starts from the time of purchase. It is an intimate part of customers’ lives, including daily commutes, work, shopping, driving on off days, and leisure regardless of the time of the day, season, weather, and place. During this time, Daihatsu has many points of contact with customers to allow cars to be used for long periods of time, including vehicle servicing, inspections, and repairs.

Daihatsu collects information from all such scenarios involving customers and cars. Within each step of quality assurance, every employee thinks about customer expectations and customer joy and reflects their thinking in the output, and Daihatsu treats this process with importance.

Employee Education Regarding Quality

Production bases—both in Japan and overseas—of Daihatsu and group companies undertake quality control (QC) activities together with suppliers and sales companies for human resource development, workplace invigoration, and work quality improvement.

As part of these activities, Daihatsu organizes the All Daihatsu QC Circle Conference and All Daihatsu TQM Conference each year.

At the All Daihatsu QC Circle Conference, the results of quality improvement activities are presented even as the conference is expanding in scale into a global event including the participation of circles from production bases in Malaysia and Indonesia. In addition, circles that achieved excellent results further improve their abilities by actively participating and competing at the QC conferences organized by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers.

At the All Daihatsu TQM Conference, executives share strategic direction and management issues with all employees in a top-down manner through presentations by division general managers, aiming to improve management quality and transform organizational quality.

Quality education

All Daihatsu QC Circle Conference

List of quality education

Prompt Response to Recalls

Giving top priority to the safe and reliable use of cars, when a defect occurs in cars and a recall* is assessed to be necessary, Daihatsu carries out notifications in accordance with the laws and regulations of the respective countries, and at the same time, promptly contacts customers to notify them to undergo free repairs.

* A recall aims to prevent accidents and protect vehicle users and other people. It is a system that applies to vehicles which do not comply or may become unable to comply with the safety standards of a road-going vehicle. Such vehicles are collected and repaired for free when the reason is due to design or manufacturing process after notifying Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Outreach to Suppliers Regarding Quality

Together with suppliers

In addition to efforts within the company, it is essential to undertake initiatives at suppliers which handle the parts and materials being purchased by Daihatsu so as to improve quality. Therefore, besides communicating requirements to suppliers, Daihatsu also cooperates with suppliers to promote quality improvement initiatives such as by creating opportunities for sharing of good cases between suppliers and exchange of opinions between quality control staff.

Holding of exhibition on quality cases

Daihatsu organizes an exhibition on quality cases every year in autumn. At the exhibition, specific cases of suppliers with outstanding quality improvements and those who continue to maintain excellent quality are introduced to other suppliers so as to improve the overall quality of purchased parts and materials.

Regular activities to improve supplier quality

To improve quality, the quality control and quality assurance departments of Daihatsu’s plants check the manufacturing process of suppliers as well as cooperate with suppliers to plan and conduct activities such as quality improvements.