Respect for Human Rights in the Supply Chain

Fundamental Approach

Daihatsu purchases parts, materials, and equipment from various fields through the cooperation of many suppliers. We comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as the Guidelines for Appropriate Transactions in the Automobile Industry (formulated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), and strive to respect human rights together with our suppliers. We have also clearly stated our respect for human rights in the Supplier CSR Guidelines, which were formulated internally. We have disseminated the Guidelines to all suppliers, and request that they conduct activities in accordance with the intent of the guidelines. By further strengthening these initiatives, we aim to eradicate human rights issues throughout our supply chain.

Supply Chain

Supplier CSR Guidelines

The Supplier CSR Guidelines establishes “Human Rights and Labor” as an item that all suppliers are expected to comply with. The Guidelines call for suppliers to conduct their business activities under principles such as non-discrimination, prohibition of both child labor and forced labor, provision of appropriate wages and working hours, and creation of safe and healthy working environments. Daihatsu also asks its suppliers to promote the implementation of the Guidelines with their suppliers. In doing so, we strive to promote and spread our human rights initiatives to all corners of our supply chain.

Initiatives to Combat the Use of Conflict Minerals

In 2010, the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was enacted in the U.S. It required that companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges disclose information regarding conflict minerals (tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold) used in their products. The act sought to prevent armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries from generating funds through mining carried out by child labor, forced labor or other inhumane means. As a member of Toyota Group of companies, Daihatsu seeks to realize responsible procurement of minerals and, to this end, is working together with its suppliers.