Safety and Security Initiatives

「Smart Assist」 Active Safety System

Basic Approach

Based on its approach of “advanced technologies for everybody ,” Daihatsu provides its customers with the Smart Assist, an active safety system that has been optimized for small cars, at reasonable prices. In this way, the company hopes to deliver safety and security to as many people as possible.

Evolution of Smart Assist

In December 2012,「Move」 became the first mini vehicle to be equipped with collision-avoidance support braking, and other safety technologies. Subsequently, functionality was increased to include recognition support, reduced driving burden, and parking assistance, while the number of vehicles equipped with Smart Assist has also grown.

Today, Smart Assist is equipped to all Daihatsu vehicles, with the exception of the Copen. As of August 31, 2020, more than three million Daihatsu units equipped with Smart Assist have been sold, and approximately 90% of all new Daihatsu car sales comprise grades equipped with the active safety system (according to research carried out by Daihatsu).

In order to provide safety and peace of mind to as many customers as possible, going forward
Daihatsu will continue to both develop and actively promote the widespread uptake of Smart Assist.