Affordable and High-Quality

Daihatsu aims to make affordable vehicles that fit customers' lifestyles.

Making high production efficiency factories to reduce vehicles production costs

Making Simple, Slim, Compact (SSC) plants

Daihatsu Motor Kyushu Co., Ltd.: Production line

Daihatsu is building Simple, Slim, Compact (SSC) plants that can produce low-cost and high-quality vehicles that are globally competitive.
By vastly reducing the floor area, capital investment, and number of processes at car plants, Daihatsu has created a business model that can make a profit from inexpensive mini vehicles.

More practical vehicle frame structure

Indonesia Karawang Plant

Daihatsu has taken the know-how accumulated in producing mini vehicles and optimized it for countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

Reducing part and material costs with efficient vehicle shapes

Mira e:S: Frame structure

“Is the structure principally correct?” “Does the structure optimize the potential of each material?” “Is there anything else we can do to design or construction to make it less expensive?” These are some of the questions that Daihatsu engineers ask themselves. Daihatsu is engaged in cost reduction activities that cross functional boundaries such as design development taking into account design potentials, and part design taking into account production requirements. By thoroughly reviewing part layout, shapes, and material selection, Daihatsu is able to lower costs by reducing the number of parts and lowering vehicle weight.

Sharing with the world the know-how of high-quality, low-cost products nurtured with mini vehicles in Japan

Global A segment platform makes it affordable



The Indonesian compact car “Ayla” and the Malaysian car “Axia” are built upon the Global A Segment Platform, developed by Daihatsu by applying the high fuel economy and cost reduction technologies perfected with Japanese mini vehicles. Optimized for their respective local markets, these models offer comfortable driving performance and spacious cabins at reasonable prices.

Reducing car development time while reducing development costs

Using resin parts offering high degree of design flexibility to efficiently change exterior images

Cast Activa

Cast Style

Cast Sport

Throughout its development, three variations are available for Cast: the Activa, which inspires greater mobility; the Style, which is urban and refined; and the Sport, which offers the dynamic performance and masculine looks of the Copen.
Daihatsu efficiently developed the three variations by identifying exclusive parts that would make dramatic changes to image and common parts that would reduce development cost and time.

※Note: Above is the proto-type photo so the specifications may differ from the current sales model

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