Launch of a completely redesigned model of seven-seated compact MPV “ALZA” in B-segment category in Malaysia

Jul. 20, 2022
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

The New ALZA

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) has announced that Perodua, a joint venture company in Malaysia (Selangor State) which manufactures and supplies automobiles, launched a completely redesigned model of the B-segment national car “ALZA” on 20th July, 2022. The launch marks the first substantial redesigning of ALZA since 2009.

The seven-seated compact MPV*1 ALZA has a stylish appearance. It is characterized by its spacious cabin and the three-row seats which can be flexibly arranged, despite its compact B-segment body size. The first-generation of ALZA, launched in 2009, has widely been accepted mainly by families.

For this complete redesign, a B-segment platform based on the DNGA (Daihatsu New Global Architecture) has been applied. This is the platform which was also applied to another B-segment compact car “XENIA” launched in Indonesia in November 2021. This platform helped the ALZA further evolve for comfortably larger cabin space and enhance its ease of use. Equipped with a D-CVT, the new ALZA delivers both comfortable driving performance and improved fuel efficiency. In addition, the completely redesigned model has a sporty and stylish interior and exterior design to reflect Malaysian customers’ preferences. Even with improved ease of use, the new ALZA is priced at affordable levels. To meet customers’ demand for safety and security, it is equipped with the Smart Assist crash avoidance supporting system (known locally as Advanced Safety Assist).

Established in 1993 through a partnership with Daihatsu, Perodua is Malaysia’s second national car manufacturer. Focusing on compact cars, it has secured the largest share of the Malaysian automobile market for 16 years in a row from 2006 to 2021. In March 2021, Perodua launched the first DNGA-based compact SUV “Ativa” in the history of Daihatsu’s overseas business. The new ALZA is the second model in the DNGA-based models for Daihatsu.

Going forward, through deploying DNGA products to emerging markets centered on ASEAN, Daihatsu will continue to aim to be a company that plays an intimate part in the lives of its customers by contributing to industry, human resources development, and the promotion of cars in each region.

*1: Multi-Purpose Vehicle

Main features of the new ALZA

1.Evolved spacious cabin and excellent ease of use

As a B-segment compact car, the new ALZA has top-class cabin space that comfortably accommodates seven adults and an ample amount of luggage. The distance between the seats in the first to third rows in extended by 50 mm and set flexible seat arrangements. The usability of the luggage compartment has also improved.

2.Affordable price

The new “national car” ALZA is offered at affordable prices matching its status.

3.High basic performance level based on the DNGA

With a DNGA-based B-segment platform and the D-CVT technology, the new ALZA delivers a comfortable driving performance and excellent fuel efficiency.

4.Sporty design

The new ALZA has a sporty interior and exterior design to reflect Malaysian customers’ preferences.

5.Safety performance

The new ALZA in all grades is equipped with the Smart Assist crash avoidance supporting system (known locally as “Advanced Safety Assist”) optimally configured for the road traffic environment in Malaysia, during high-speed travelling in particular. Its excellent safety capabilities system include the “Blind Spot Monitor” which assists the driver in rear viewing during lane change and the “Auto High Beam.”

Main specifications

Drive system FF (Front engine, Front wheel drive)
Engine 2NR-VE(1.5L・NA※2
Transmission CVT(D-CVT)
Seating capacity 7
Length × width × height (in mm) 4,425 × 1,730 ×1,660~1,670※3

*2 NA: Natural Aspirated engine

*3 Tire size 15 inch: 1,660mm、Tire size 16 inch:1,670mm

Production plants

Perodua Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.