Daihatsu Signs Grassroots Partner Agreement with Women’s Soccer Leagues “Women Empowerment League” and “Nadeshiko League” ~Contributing to communities together with sales companies nationwide through support for women’s soccer~

Mar. 08, 2021
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) announced today that it will promote regional invigoration and activities contributing to local communities together with sales companies all over Japan through comprehensive support for women’s soccer centered on grassroots activities. As part of this support, agreements were signed on March 8*1 with Japan Women’s Empowerment Professional Football League and Japan Women's Football League as the grassroots partner*2 of the Women Empowerment League(hereinafter “WE League”)—a women’s professional soccer league opening in autumn 2021—and the women’s amateur league “Nadeshiko League.”

Daihatsu conducts activities that light up community culture and sports together with sales companies nationwide within “Light you up action” which is a set of KOTODUKURI activities based on “Light you up.” Part of the activities includes sponsoring the All Japan High School Women’s Football Championship since 2013 as support for the empowerment of women who are the main users of mini vehicles and compact cars.

As a further initiative for the future, Daihatsu will play an intimate part in the lives of children and parents supporting them through women’s soccer, with sales companies taking the lead to conduct grassroots and other activities all over Japan. As a specific initiative of grassroots activities, Daihatsu will cooperate with prefectural football associations, local teams, and local governments to conduct girls’ soccer festivals, competitions, and other events, including the Daihatsu Girls’ Soccer Clinic. In addition, Daihatsu will take measures to support the continued activities of athletes, considering options such as creating employment opportunities for athletes belonging to Nadeshiko League teams at sales companies in their teams’ locality. By adding women’s soccer grassroots activities to community contribution initiatives that have been conducted since the past, it is possible to be involved in regional invigoration from multiple aspects and collaboration with local governments is also deepened. Through this, Daihatsu aims to be a company that is even more rooted in local communities.

Going forward, Daihatsu aims to be a true life partner of residents and will actively promote activities that are an intimate part of communities all over Japan based on its “Light you up” approach.

Reference: Women’s soccer grassroots activities already being conducted by sales companies

*1 International Women’s Day and Women’s Football Day

*2 Category for respective leagues: Gold Partner in WE League, and Official Sponsor in Nadeshiko League