Daihatsu Launches Product as Part One of DNGA’s Overseas Deployment ~Launch of all-new Ativa compact SUV in Malaysia~

Mar. 03, 2021
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) announced today that Perodua, an automobile production and sales joint venture located in Selangor, Malaysia, will launch the new Ativa national car—a compact SUV—on March 3 as part one of DNGA’s overseas deployment.

The new Ativa is based on the Rocky compact SUV launched in Japan in 2019. It is a new product created in an optimal form for the Malaysian market through cooperation between Perodua and Daihatsu, and first model being deployed overseas that is based on the Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA), the company’s next-generation approach to creating vehicles. DNGA adopts a “collective planning and development,” through which mini and small vehicles share the same design concepts. In Japan and emerging markets centered on ASEAN, Daihatsu has worked on the creation of vehicles which can be introduced into markets as products able to optimally meet local needs while sharing the same base as a global product. The company plans to continue deploying DNGA products overseas in the future and will meet the needs of even more customers by introducing highly competitive DNGA products.

Established in 1993 through a partnership with Daihatsu, Perodua is Malaysia’s second national car manufacturer and focuses on compact cars. It has secured the number one share of the Malaysian automobile market for 15 years in a row from 2006 to 2020. In addition, Perodua has been carrying out structural reforms spanning from product development to production, procurement, and sales, and has introduced highly competitive compact cars optimized for local markets, namely the Axia, Bezza, Myvi, and Aruz. In recent years, SUVs are gaining popularity globally, and with the new Ativa SUV product as a start, Perodua will continue to meet an even wider range of customer requirements in the future by progressively adding DNGA products—which provide the three values of “high quality at affordable prices,” “mastering the smallest details,” and “providing advanced technologies to everyone”—to its lineup.

Going forward, through deploying DNGA products to emerging markets centered on ASEAN, Daihatsu will continue to aim to be a company that plays an intimate part in the lives of its customers by contributing to industry, human resources development, and the promotion of cars in each region.

Main features of the new Ativa

1. Design      : Powerful and active design fitting for a SUV

2. Package      : Balance between the compact size of an A-segment platform capable of tight turns and a spacious cabin

3. Safety performance : Crash avoidance system specially configured for Malaysia which is known locally as Advanced Safety Assist

4. Basic performance : Strong basic performance, including pleasant driving performance and comfort, by using the new DNGA platform and a new powertrain (turbo engine with D-CVT)

5. Economy     : Affordable price befitting a national car

* Origin of name: The name comes from the initials of the words Advance, Technology, Intelligent,Versatile, and Adventure to express the charm of the new vehicle and an active lifestyle.

Main specifications

Drive system FF (Front engine, Front wheel drive)
Engine 1KR-VET (turbo) (1L (998cc))
Transmission CVT(D-CVT) 
Seating capacity 5
Length x width x height (in mm)  4,065 x 1,710 x 1,635

Sales target

3,000 units per month

Recommended Retail Price (Peninsula Malaysia):

61,500 ringgit to 72,000 ringgit
(Approximately 1,620,000 yen to approximately 1,890,000 yen, calculated using an exchange rate of 1 ringgit to 26.3 yen as of noon, March 2)

Production plants

Perodua Global Manufacturing (PGMSB)