Daihatsu to Again Carry Out Community-Based Projects Aimed at Reducing the Number of Accidents Involving the Elderly in Fiscal 2019: Participation of 37 Sales Companies and 57 Municipalities Confirmed

Mar. 20, 2019
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”), based on its Group slogan of “Light you up,” intends to strengthen its unique MONODUKURI with the aim of providing mobility solutions that support and enrich individual lifestyles all over the world; at the same time, the company is also promoting initiatives that increase points of contact with customers and local communities through KOTODUKURI.

As one of its CSR activities—which form part of its KOTODUKURI activities—in May 2017 Daihatsu launched a range of Community-Based Projects aimed at reducing the number of accidents involving the elderly; these projects were expanded nationwide in fiscal 2018.

In these Community-Based Projects, Daihatsu works together with local communities to provide support in aging regional societies for “independent living in which mobility is possible at all ages.” The first part of these projects featured a collaboration between industry (Daihatsu and the Japan Automobile Federation), government (local governments), academia (the Japanese Physical Therapy Association), and citizens (local societies); together, these parties held Healthy and Safe Driving Courses for the elderly in various localities.

In fiscal 2019, the Healthy and Safe Driving Courses are scheduled to be held by 37 sales companies and 57 municipalities across Japan. For a list of the local communities where the courses will be held and the Daihatsu sales companies involved, please refer to the attached “List of sales companies implementing Healthy and Safe Driving Courses in FY2019.”

In addition, as part of these Community-Based Projects, municipalities and sales companies across Japan will share details of the problems they are facing, and enter into “comprehensive partnership agreements” and “monitoring agreements” aimed at problem resolution. Agreements have already been signed in five regions (Matsusaka City and Mie Daihatsu Co., Ltd.; Azumino City and Nagano Daihatsu Hanbai Co., Ltd.; Hakodate City and Daihatsu Hokkaido Co., Ltd.; and Shibetsu City and Asahikawa City and KitaHokkaido Daihatsu Co., Ltd.) and, today, Marugame City and Kagawa Daihatsu Motors Co., Ltd. also entered into a comprehensive partnership agreement. Through these projects, Daihatsu intends to carry out activities rooted in local communities.

The Daihatsu Group—which includes Daihatsu sales companies and suppliers—also seeks to deepen its ties with regional customers through activities that have been collectively labeled “Light you up action.” Going forward, these activities will be introduced on the dedicated Light you up action portal website.

The dedicated “Light you up action” portal on the official Daihatsu website: