Daihatsu to Open “Daihatsu no Mori Hoikuen” Nursery for Group Employees

Oct. 01, 2018
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

The Daihatsu Group has for a long time engaged in various activities aimed at promoting diversity. Based on its “Light you up” approach, the Group has moved to establish a corporate culture and working environment that enables all of its employees to demonstrate their full potential.

In order to create an environment in which employees can work with peace of mind, DBC Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”), will open the Daihatsu no Mori Hoikuen nursery for Daihatsu Group employees in January 2019.

To coincide with the opening of the nursery, Daihatsu intends to establish a female-centric working group based on the theme of “creating together,” aimed at enabling female employees to balance raising children with work. It is hoped that the nursery will play an intimate role in the lives of its users.

Characteristics of the Daihatsu no Mori Hoikuen nursery

1. Toys that have been lovingly made by hand

In addition to toys and picture books donated by employees, the nursery will encourage the creation of links between past and present by using toys that have been lovingly made by the hands of former Daihatsu Group employees.

2. Encouraging a balance between child-raising and work

In order to minimize the burden on employees using the nursery, and in order to encourage a balance between raising children and work, the nursery will prepare bedding for lunchtime naps, wash changes of clothes for use in the nursery, and provide disposables such as tissues.

3. Utilizing the “Mokuiku” educational concept to nurture children with healthy minds

The nursery facilities will make use of natural wood, which provides children with peace of mind and promotes the development of sensitivity via stimulation of the five senses.

4. Supporting the development of post-retirement careers among Daihatsu employees

Daihatsu supports the development of post-retirement careers among its employees, so that they can be active in a wide range of scenarios in the future. As its employees choose from a range of new work styles, the company will provide support to its employees who wish to obtain a nursery school teacher qualification.

Going forward, the Daihatsu Group will continue to embody the “Light you up” slogan through diverse initiatives, and will continue to do its utmost to become a company at which each of its employees can shine and work in a positive manner.

Overview of new nursery facilities

Facility name Daihatsu no Mori Hoikuen
Location 2-25, Masumicho, Ikeda-shi, Osaka
(the first floor of the new DBC Co., Ltd. office building*1)
Launch date January 2019
Capacity 19
Eligible age range From From birth (57 days after birth) to March 31 following their 3rd birthday
Eligible users Employees of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. and DBC Co., Ltd.
Operating days All days on which Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. and DBC Co., Ltd. employees work
Operating hours 7:00–18:30 (extended-hours childcare also available)
Nursing philosophy Fostering love by becoming an intimate part of each child’s life;
Developing an abundance of vitality and forming bonds for the future
Nursing policies Smile (safety and security)
Providing a safe and secure nursing environment that is full of happiness for both parents and their children
Self (independence)
Encouraging children to be inquisitive while ensuring their safety
Promoting positive nursing together with guardians, the company, and local communities
Facility manager DBC Co., Ltd.
Nursery operator Pigeonhearts Corporation

*1Operations are scheduled to commence in January 2019 (the facilities are currently under construction)

Images of the facility