The Terios compact SUV undergoes a complete redesign in Indonesia

Nov. 23, 2017
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Astra Daihatsu Motor (hereinafter “ADM”), the Indonesian subsidiary of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”), has fully redesigned the Terios compact SUV*1. The new model launched in Indonesia on November 23.

The Terios was developed against the backdrop of a global boom in SUV sales. It reflects the needs of the local population by providing large seating capacity and generous luggage space. This compact SUV seats seven passengers and is capable of driving in a variety of road environments, including poor road conditions. The Terios is supplied as an OEM vehicle to Toyota Motor Corporation, which is looking into exporting the OEM Toyota Rush to emerging countries. Daihatsu and ADM are in charge of development, including validating the specifications and durability required in each export country, while ADM will be responsible for production. In this way, the Terios will become a touchstone for Daihatsu’s future operations in emerging countries.

Even as multiple competing models are released into the Indonesian market, the new Terios maintains its competitiveness through the use of an overhauled platform. This model retains the highly popular front-engine, rear-drive characteristics of the previous model to provide outstanding drivability, and it also features significantly improved basic performance such as handling stability and ride comfort, NV performance, and fuel efficiency.

The new platform of the fully redesigned Terios is based on the Xenia, which has been well received in the Indonesian market. It offers outstanding basic performance as a result of improvements suited to the vehicle’s characteristics. The Terios is equipped with the 2NR-VE (1.5L) next-generation engine.

ADM designers participated in the development of the interior and exterior design in order to reflect local needs and satisfy customers switching to the Terios from multi-purpose vehicles popular in Indonesia. With the keywords of “dynamic” and “high-quality,” the design offers sophistication that feels like a vehicle of a higher class.

Going forward, Daihatsu will continue to promote car making that utilizes the technologies and knowhow it has cultivated through its development of Japanese mini vehicles. The company will also contribute to the spread of automobiles in the ASEAN region and engage in the development of industry and human resources.

*1: SUV is an abbreviation of Sport Utility Vehicle

Main features

1. Design:
The new Terios features a dynamic and high-quality design appropriate to an SUV; it both caters to local needs and provides a feeling of luxury.

2. Package:
The new Terios maintains the compact body of the previous model, but increases the length of the cabin by 170 mm. This results in an increase of 45 mm between the front and second row of seats, and an increase of 150 mm in luggage space, so realizing in a spacious and comfortable cabin. The expanded luggage space is large enough for four of the gallon bottles that are widely used in Indonesia.

3. Basic performance:
The new platform combines with the popular FR drive system of the previous model to provide genuine improvements in driving performance. Handling stability at high speeds has been enhanced, while the new Terios also provides superior ride comfort in poor road conditions.

4. Outstanding environmental performance:
The Terios is equipped with a next-generation engine developed for ASEAN markets; the engine boasts fuel efficiency improvements of approximately 25 percent compared to the previous model*2.

5. Outstanding economy:
The Terios is sold at an affordable price.

6. Outstanding quality:
The Terios is produced at Sunter Plant, which incorporates Daihatsu’s Simple, Slim and Compact (SSC) production concept, thereby ensuring outstanding quality.

*2: According to in-house measurements

Main specifications

Drive system FR (Front engine, Rear wheel drive)
Engine 2NR-VE (1.5L(1,496cc))
Transmission 5MT/4AT
Seating capacity 7
Length x width x height (in mm) 4,435 x 1,695 x 1,705

Sales targets

1,500 units per month

Production plants

Body production plant: ADM Sunter Plant
Engine production plant: ADM Karawang Plant