The Malaysian national car, the Myvi, undergoes a complete redesign First overseas rollout of the collision avoidance system ”Smart Assist”

Nov. 16, 2017
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. ( “Daihatsu”) and Perodua, a joint automobile production and sales venture with the Malaysian government located in Selangor, have fully redesigned the Myvi national car. The new model launched on November 16.

Perodua is Malaysia’s second national car manufacturer with a vehicle line-up that focuses on compact cars. After the Axia and Bezza, the fully redesigned Myvi marks the third stage of the company’s structural reforms. The Myvi model has been optimized both for the way cars are used in Malaysia, and for the intentions and needs of Malaysian customers. The vehicle was locally developed using the knowhow Daihatsu has cultivated through its development of mini vehicles and compact cars in Japan. Following its complete redesign, the Myvi is the first non-Japanese model to be equipped with the collision avoidance system “Smart Assist” (known in Malaysia as “Advanced Safety Assist”), which has proved immensely popular in Japan.

The fully redesigned Myvi is longer and wider than the previous model, and combines a stylish, low and wide design with increased cabin and luggage space. The new model retains the same platform as the previous model, which was developed using knowhow cultivated by Daihatsu in its development of Japanese mini vehicles and compact cars. However, in line with the needs of the Malaysian market, which include a focus on high-speed cruising, the Myvi platform boasts improved handling stability.

In addition, in order to offer a design that would reflect local needs and appeal to local tastes, Perodua took charge of developing the styling and the upper body. The new model comes equipped with either the 1NR-VE (1.3L) or 2NR-VE (1.5L) next-generation engines for ASEAN markets, and all grades boast outstanding fuel efficiency which meet the Malaysian government’s Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) eco-car policy.

Going forward, Daihatsu will continue to promote car making that utilizes the technologies and knowhow it has cultivated through its development of Japanese mini vehicles. The company will also contribute to the spread of automobiles in the ASEAN region and engage in the development of industry and human resources.

Main features

1. Design: the Myvi combines low and wide styling with a sporty design that reflects the needs of the Malaysian market.

2. Package: the distance between front and rear passengers has been increased by 87 mm over the previous model, while the interior space has been increased by 125 mm. Despite its compact body, the Myvi boasts generous cabin and luggage space.

3. Safety Performance: the Myvi is the first Perodua model to be equipped with the collision avoidance system “Smart Assist”*1

4. Outstanding environmental performance: the Myvi features outstanding fuel efficiency and conforms to the Malaysian government’s EEV eco-car policy.

5. Basic performance: the Myvi’s superb handling stability provides peace of mind during high-speed cruising.

6. Outstanding economy: the Myvi is sold at an affordable price

7. Outstanding quality: the Myvi incorporates Daihatsu’s SSC (Simple, Slim, Compact) production concept and Perodua’s structurally reformed production process, thereby ensuring outstanding quality

*1: Equipped on certain grades only

Main specifications

Drive system FF (Front engine, Front wheel drive)
Engine 1NR-VE (1.3L (1,329cc)), 2NR-VE (1.5L (1,496cc))
Transmission 5MT(1.3L)/4AT(1.3L,1.5L)
Seating capacity 5
Length x width x height (in mm) 3,895 x 1,735 x 1,515

Sales targets

6,000 units per month

Production plants

Body production plant: PMSB (Perodua Manufacturing)
Engine production plant: DPEM (Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing)