World Premiere of Daihatsu’s Compact Concept Cars at the Gaikind Indonesia International Auto Show 2017

Aug. 10, 2017
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.



Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “Daihatsu”) announces that its Indonesian subsidiary, Astra Daihatsu Motor (hereinafter “ADM”), will exhibit the DN MULITSIX and DN F-SEDAN compact concept cars for the first time at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2017 (GIIAS2017), which takes place in Jakarta from 10 to 20 August. ADM will exhibit a total of 15 vehicles at GIIAS2017, including the Move Canbus Sporza mini passenger vehicle and Thor Grand Custom compact car—both of which were shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2017—as well as special edition Indonesian production vehicles to commemorate Daihatsu’s 110th anniversary.

The DN MULTISIX and DN F-SEDAN concept cars, both of which will be making their world premieres at GIIAS2017, are new proposals that aim to be staying closer to the customers and to enrich their lifestyles in Indonesian market.
Vehicles that can transport multiple passengers are highly popular in Indonesia, and the DN MULTISIX, which is a new category FF*1 MPV*2 , will be a fresh addition to ADM’s MPV line-up, which currently comprises the Xenia and Sigra.
The DN F-SEDAN is an A-segment hatchback sedan-type compact car. There are currently no cars of this type in ADM’s line-up, and it is intended to survey the potential for new markets.

ADM’s brand message is “Daihatsu Sahabatku,” meaning “Daihatsu—My Best Friend,” and this is embodied in the company’s continued promotion of its Fun, Friendly & Reliable image. The theme of the ADM exhibition booth is Daihatsu FestiveFun. It commemorates Daihatsu’s 110th anniversary and, at the same time, promotes the development of products that meet the needs of Indonesian customers as well as the company’s initiatives for further localization.

*1: Front drive Front engine

*2: Multi Purpose Vehicle

Outline of exhibition
Total number of exhibition vehicles: 15

<Concept cars>

DN MULTISIX: World Premiere
An FF MPV model that takes advantage of Daihatsu’s compact car technologies and establishes both a spacious interior that passengers can walk through and a stylish exterior

DN F-SEDAN: World Premiere
A Compact sedan that realizes the sporty and stylish taste favored by Asian markets, with the intention to create the potential for new markets

Move Canbus Sporza (exhibited at the 35th Tokyo Auto Salon 2017)

Thor Grand Custom (exhibited at the 35th Tokyo Auto Salon 2017)

<Commercially Available Vehicles>

Sigra, Xenia, Terios, Sirion and Luxio (special edition 110th anniversary model)

Ayla, and Hi-Max

<Technology Exhibition>

VR Driving Experience