Daihatsu Provides Hijet Trucks Available for Initial Disaster Response to Ikeda City, Osaka, and Kawanishi City, Hyogo

Jan. 17, 2017
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Daihatsu”) has made an arrangement with Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture, and Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture on Tuesday, January 17 to provide the cities with Hijet Trucks, which are mini commercial vehicles available for initial disaster response, and containers that can be loaded onto the trucks. Under this arrangement, the cities will lend the trucks to an affected municipality in the event of disaster, and will have custody of the trucks on normal days.

In the event of an earthquake or other disaster, the cities will lend out the trucks and containers to the disaster-struck area, and on normal days, the trucks will be used as official cars by the cities.

Since the containers are loaded with tools that can be used for disaster relief, including power generators, floodlights, ladders and shovels, the trucks will be lent with the containers so that they will come in handy for making an initial response in a disaster-struck area. Moreover, the containers offer convenience in the field, since they are designed to allow loading onto and unloading from a truck bed with human hands, eliminating the need for a forklift. The containers were manufactured by Aoi Machine Industry Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Daihatsu.

Daihatsu will continue to proactively conduct activities to contribute to local communities with the aim of being a more society-oriented company.

Side view of initial disaster response

Rear view