Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. to Launch a New Version of Commercial Truck Hi-Max in Indonesia Application of Mini Vehicle Technologies and New Market Development in Indonesia

Nov. 10, 2016
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.


Astra Daihatsu Motor (hereinafter “ADM”), a group company of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) based in Indonesia, will launch a new version of the compact commercial truck, Hi-Max, dedicated to the Indonesia market, in Indonesia on November 10.

Hi-Max is a compact truck that was produced by applying the mini vehicle technologies and know-how acquired by Daihatsu in Japan and by responding to the needs of local people. ADM intends to develop a new market by introducing a new type of A-Segment truck. .

Ahead of its planning and development stages, Daihatsu and ADM carried out market research in Indonesia, which indicated a shift in demand in the recent Indonesian market. Following the diffusion of convenience stores and online shopping, there is a rising need for small cargo delivery services that specialize in frequent deliveries of small packages. This type of delivery service requires drivers to travel back and forth between their base and the delivery destination, unlike the traditional method of making regular rounds. It also revealed that in urban areas in particular, which are crowded with narrow alleyways, there is a strong need for trucks with small-turn performance as well as submerged resistance so that they can be better prepared for deteriorated roads in cases of flooding.

In addition to its superior small-turn performance, Hi-Max delivers a high level of loadability that fulfills the needs of local people by providing the most suitable reinforcement to its underbody and suspension system. It also offers excellent fuel economy performance and vehicle performance, allowing ample room for loading by adopting an exclusive 1-liter engine, and to achieve high submerged resistance, its engine inlet is positioned in a high place. Furthermore, it is offered at an affordable price.

Daihatsu is determined to continue to drive the development of compact vehicles both in Japan and overseas, centering on mini vehicles. It also aims to contribute to the diffusion of vehicles and industrial development in Indonesia and other ASEAN nations by providing customers with products that best reflect the needs of local people.


It is offered at an affordable price for those who are purchasing a vehicle for the first time.
(Retail price in Jakarta: 95,300,000 to 103,300,000 Indonesian rupiah*)

*Approximately about 760,000 to about 830,000 yen
(calculated at a rate as of 8 November ,2016, which was about 0.008 yen per 1 rupiah)

[Key factors]

Drive system FR (Front engine, Rear-wheel-drive)
Engine 1.0L(1KR-DE)
Transmission 5MT
Maximum number of passengers (people) 2
Overall length×overall width×overall height (mm) 3,395×1,475×1,770
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 160

[Origin of the name Hi-Max]

Hi-Max stands for High Efficiency & Maximum Utilization.