Daihatsu to Launch New SIGRA Multi-Purpose Passenger Vehicle in Indonesia Second vehicle to conform with Indonesia’s LCGC policy, developed through the use of Daihatsu mini vehicle technology and know-how

Aug. 02, 2016
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Astra Daihatsu Motor (hereinafter “ADM”), an Indonesian subsidiary of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) will launch the new SIGRA multi-purpose passenger vehicle (MPV), which was built exclusively for the Indonesian market, in Indonesia on August 2

The SIGRA is a fully-fledged seven-seater A Segment MPV, developed through the use of the mini vehicle technology and know-how cultivated by Daihatsu in Japan, which reflects local needs and demands such as multiple-passenger and luggage loading capabilities. It will also be supplied via an OEM (Official Equipment Manufacturer) agreement to Toyota Motor Corporation

The SIGRA utilizes an improved version of the same global A Segment platform as the AYLA, and is equipped with the new-type NR engine (1.2L)—which Daihatsu regards as the next generation engine for the ASEAN market—and a KR engine (1.0L) with improved fuel efficiency and power output. The SIGRA achieves high-performance fuel efficiency at an affordable price, and represents the second Daihatsu model to conform to Indonesia’s LCGC (Low-Cost Green Car) eco-car policy.

The SIGRA package is a fully-fledged MPV that makes use of Daihatsu technology and know-how for maximum effective utilization of the interior space. Despite its compact size, the SIGRA offers a passenger space that can comfortably seat seven adults and the luggage/cargo storage space demanded in everyday life, as well as achieving high maneuverability.

Daihatsu remains committed to driving the development of compact cars both in Japan and overseas, based primarily around mini vehicles; and will continue to contribute to promoting the motorization process and the development of the automotive industry, both in Indonesia and the wider ASEAN region.

<Origin of Vehicle Name> In the Sanskrit language, the name SIGRA carries the meaning of “quick to respond”.