Daihatsu Begins Sales of New A-Segment Sedan BEZZA in Malaysia - Seeking to open up a new market frontier with mini vehicle technology and knowhow -

Jul. 22, 2016
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (“Daihatsu”) and Perodua, a local joint venture company engaged in car production and sales based in Selangor, Malaysia, have launched the BEZZA compact car as a new national car.

The BEZZA has been launched as a result of successful structural improvement at Perodua, following the AXIA model announced in 2014. It adopts a global A Segment platform that has been developed through the use of the mini vehicle technology and know-how cultivated by Daihatsu in Japan. In addition, the BEZZA represents the first time that Perodua R&D took the lead in styling and developing the car’s upper body.

The BEZZA model is the country first A Segment sedan with a large-capacity trunk (500 liters) equipped on the compact body, which is highly demanded in Malaysia, developed as a new category product aiming to explore the new market. BEZZA offers excellent fuel performance with the highest fuel efficiency ever recorded for gasoline engine vehicles marketed in Malaysia. It complies with the Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) eco-car policy announced by the Malaysian government by adopting a new engine equipped with “eco IDLE”, an idle-stop technology. This technology has yet to be featured in any of the national cars marketed in Malaysia.

Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing (“DPEM”) has become operational as a brand new engine plant embodying knowhow related to SSC, a production concept developed by Daihatsu in the Japanese market that refers to “Simple,” “Slim,” and “Compact.” DPEM will produce the next generation engine for ASEAN market, “1NR-VE engine (1.3L)” , for the first time in Malaysia and have BEZZA equipped with it.

Daihatsu remains committed to leveraging its technology and knowhow developed with mini vehicles in Japan for its car production. It will contribute to promoting the region’s motorization process, along with its industrial and human resource development in the ASEAN region.

<Main Features>

1. Package: Large-capacity trunk (over 500 liters), split fold-down rear seats

2. Excellent environmental performance: Highest performance ever recorded for a gasoline engine vehicle marketed in Malaysia. Excellent fuel performance (22.8km per liter) that complies with the Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) eco-car policy announced by the Malaysian government (1NR-Engine (1.3L), eco-IDLE technology for Advance grade 1.3L only)

3. Economical, with an affordable price

4. High safety performance: ASEAN NCAP’s highest safety rating of five stars

5. Basic performance: High level of quietness, accelerating performance of 1NR-engine(1.3L) and excellent drivability in the medium and high-speed range


Drive System FF (front engine, front wheel drive)
Engine 1KR-VE (1.0L (998cc))/ 1NR-VE (1.3L (1,329cc))
Transmission 5MT/4AT
Capacity 5
Overall length, width, height in mm 4,150 × 1,620 × 1,510

<Sales Target>

7,600 units/month

The BEZZA model name comes from a coined word in the Malaysia language that means “unconventional”. This name symbolizes our strong determination to create a new market for this new model car. BEZZA also represents the unconventional efforts we made in the development process, with this marking the first time that the car’s upper body was styled and developed completely in-house by Perodua.

<Overview of Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing >

Location: Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Year of establishment: September 2014
Items manufactured: Engines, Cast parts
Site area: Approximately 142,000 square meters
Building area: Approximately 19,000 square meters
Production capacity: 140,000 engines/year