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Daihatsu to Cease Sales of New Vehicles in Europe

Jan. 14, 2011

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (Daihatsu) announces that it has decided to cease sales of new vehicles in Europe as of January 31, 2013. However, Daihatsu will continue after-sales services, including supply of spare parts, for its vehicles beyond that date.

Daihatsu currently sells new vehicles in approximately 10 countries. The decision to discontinue sales of new vehicles in Europe is the result of increasing development costs to comply with regulations in Europe, such as those related to CO2 emissions, and the appreciation of the yen against the Euro, which have had a negative impact on business results and made selling vehicles manufactured in Japan by Daihatsu no longer viable. It was made from the perspective of streamlining operations and focusing on specific areas of business.

Notification to distributors and dealers in Europe regarding Daihatsu's decision to cease sales of new vehicles there began on January 13, 2011.

・No. of Daihatsu distributors in Europe: 10
・No. of Daihatsu dealers in Europe: Approx.1,000 (including 400 exclusive dealers)
・Sales of Daihatsu vehicles in Europe

Unit: thousand units
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vehicles in Europe
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