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  • NEWDec. 25, 2009

Daihatsu Announces Changes in Responsibility for Directors and Executive Officers

Dec. 25, 2009

DAIHATSU MOTOR CO., LTD. announced today the changes in responsibility for some of its executive members as of January 1, 2010.

1. Changes in Responsibility for Directors

Name New Areas of Responsibility
Masanori Mitsui
(Senior Managing
Executive Officer)
  • Quality Generalization Group
  • Global Strategic Production Planning & Production Engineering, Manufacturing Group (Environmental Affairs Department, Global Production Support Center, Global Production Planning Division, Production Control Division, Logistics Division, Power Train Production Engineering Division, Vehicle Production Engineering Division, Machinery Engineering Division, Head (Ikeda) Plant, Kyoto Plant, Shiga (Ryuo) Plant)
Masahiro Takahashi
(Senior Managing
Executive Officer)
  • Administration Headquarters Group (Corporate Planning Division, Finance, Accounting & Cost Management Division, Cost Planning Division, Personnel & Labor Relations Division, General Affairs Division, Public Relations, Government & Industrial Affairs Division)
Sachio Yamazaki
(Senior Executive
  • Overseas Operations Group (Overseas Planning Division, Asia Division, Overseas Vehicle Division, Industrial Engine Department)
  • Management Department for Toyota
Naoto Kitagawa
(Senior Executive
  • Product Marketing Group (Product Marketing Division, Styling Division No1, Styling Division No2)
  • Compact Car Development Group (Compact Car Product Planning Division, Body Design Division No2, Materials Engineering Division)
  • Management Department for Toyota
Yasunori Nakawaki
(Senior Executive
  • R&D Management & Unit Development Group (R&D Management Division, Technical Administration Division, Prototype Production Division, Engine Engineering Division No1, Engine Engineering Division No2, Drive Train Engineering Division, Frontier Technology Development Division)
  • Management Department for Toyota
  • Government, Industrial & Engineering Affairs Department

2. Changes in Responsibility for Executive Officers

Name New Areas of Responsibility
Sunao Matsubayashi
  • Compact Car Product Planning Division (Overseas)
  • Test & Experiment Division
Masahiro Fukutsuka
  • K-Car*1 Development Group (K-Car*1 Product Planning Division, Body Design Division No1, Interior Components Design Division, Chassis Design Division, Test & Experiment Division, Electronics Engineering Division, Advanced Product Planning Division)
Shigenobu Uchikawa
  • General Affairs Division
  • Public Relations, Government & Industrial Affairs Division
  • Tokyo Office
Makoto Irie
  • Personnel & Labor Relations Division
Osamu Tada
  • Corporate Planning Division
  • BR*2 Promotion Division
Shigeharu Toda
  • Asia Division
  • Overseas Vehicle Division
Hiroshi Kajikawa
  • Finance, Accounting & Cost Management Division
  • Cost Planning Division

*1: Mini Vehicles
*2: Business Reform