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Daihatsu Launches Redesigned Sirion at Frankfurt Motor Show 2007

Sep. 12, 2007

Sirion Sirion

DAIHATSU MOTOR CO., LTD. (Daihatsu) announced today that it has launched the redesigned compact car Sirion at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2007. The Motor Show will be open to the general public from 15 to 23 September, with press days on 11 and 12 September.

Based on the concept of a “Multiple Purpose Compact,” Daihatsu commenced exports of the Sirion (Japanese name:Boon), mainly to Europe, in November 2004. The high degree of functionality as evidenced by the roomy interior and a refined exterior design, high fuel efficiency, and other outstanding features, has led to the vehicle being very well received.

Daihatsu anticipated rapidly-changing market needs and redesigned the Sirion to enhance basic performance, update the interior and exterior styling, and improve features to provide an even greater sense of quality. In addition, a new sports model with a 1.5-liter engine has been added to the lineup to increase sales among young drivers who place an emphasis on superior driving performance.

Beginning in the autumn of 2007, the new Sirion will be launched successively in several countries, focusing on Europe. The global sales target (excluding Japan) is 3,000 units/month. At the same time, Daihatsu will also begin supplying the new Sirion to FUJI HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD. on an OEM basis.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, among other vehicles Daihatsu will also display the OFC-1, an embodiment of the future image of the open sports car, and the HSC, a next-generation compact car that is environmentally- and people-friendly. This is the first time these concept cars will be on public display anywhere in the world.

Main Improvements to the Sirion


  • The innovative silhouette created by the short nose and short overhang has been retained from the previous Sirion, but the wide and low front bumper has been completely redesigned to create an enhanced sense of stability and a feeling of solidity.


  • The seats feature bright and casual seat covers and a redesigned shape.
  • The meters have been redesigned to improve visibility and a fuel gauge that displays both current and average fuel consumption has been added to the liquid crystal panel within the meters.


  • A sports model with the new 3SZ-VE 1.5-liter engine has been added to the lineup and the engine mounts and other components have been redesigned for quieter operation.
  • A curved beam has been adopted for the rear suspension to prevent rollovers and other improvements made to enhance handling stability.


  • The sports model features the VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) that further enhances safety

Main Specifications

  1.0L 1.3L 1.5L
Drive 2WD 2WD 4WD 2WD
Overall length (mm) 3,605 (Sporty package: 3,630)
Overall width (mm) 1,665
Overall height (mm) 1,550
Wheelbase (mm) 2,430
Seating capacity (persons) 5
Engine 1KR-FE K3-VE 3SZ-VE
Total displacement (cc) 998 1,298 1,495
Maximum output (kW/rpm) 51/6,000 67/6,000 76/6,000
Maximum torque (N·m/rpm) 94/3,600 120/4,400 132/4,400 (M/T)
138/4,400 (A/T)
Transmission 5M/T