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  • NEWJun. 29, 2006

Daihatsu Announces Organizational Changes

Jun. 29, 2006

DAIHATSU MOTOR CO., LTD. announced the new organizational structure and the areas of responsibility for each executive member as of 29 June. They reflect the new management system that features the new position of executive officer and the introduction of functional business groups announced on 26 April.

Executives' Titles and Areas of Responsibility

1. Directors

Name Title Areas of Responsibility
Kousuke Shiramizu Chairman  
Teruyuki Minoura President  
Katsuyuki Kamio Executive Vice President
  • Product Marketing Group
    (Product Marketing Block, Styling Block)
  • Global Operations Group
    (Domestic Marketing Block, Domestic Sales Block, Overseas Planning Block, Overseas Marketing Block, Overseas Operations Block, Industrial Engine Block)
Kiyokazu Seo Executive Vice President
  • Quality Group
    (Quality Generalization Block, Customer Service Block)
  • Headquarters of Production Group
    (Global Strategic Production Planning Block, Production Control Block, Production Engineering Block, Manufacturing Block, Machinery Engineering Block)
  • Task Forces
    (BR*1 Promotion Block, CF*2 Promotion, VS*3 Promotion)
Katsuhiko Okumura Executive Vice President
  • Corporate Planning Group
    (Corporate Planning Block)
  • Cost Innovation Group
    (Finance, Accounting & Cost Management Block)
  • Administration Headquarters Group
    (Human Resources Block, Purchasing Block, General Administration & Public Relations Block, Tokyo Office Block)
Tetsuya Honda Managing Director
  • Headquarters of Production Group (Deputy)
  • Production Engineering Block
  • Machinery Engineering Block
Yoshihiro Uehara Managing Director
  • General Administration & Public Relations Block
  • Tokyo Office Block
Tamio Nakakubo Managing Director
  • Product Development Group
    (Development Block No.1, Development Block No.2, Development Block No.3, Development Block No.4, Technical Generalization Block, Vehicles Development Block, Vehicles Engineering Block, Power Train Development Block, Advanced Technical Development Block)
  • Task Force
    (Global Product Planning Block)
Shin Kimura Director
  • Product Marketing Block

*1: Business Reform
*2: Customer First
*3: Value Strategy

2. Executive Officers

Name Title Areas of Responsibility
Katsuyuki Morishita Executive Officer
  • BR Promotion Block
Yukio Koshida Executive Officer
  • Manufacturing Block
Hiroshige Nagoya Executive Officer
  • Industrial Engine Block
Hiroaki Iwabe Executive Officer
  • Overseas Planning Block
  • Overseas Operations Block (China)
Hideki Nomura Executive Officer
  • President, P.T. Astra Daihatsu Motor
Kenji Baba Executive Officer
  • Domestic Sales Block
Takanori Matsuo Executive Officer
  • Finance, Accounting & Cost Management Block
Jun Nagata Executive Officer
  • Styling Block
Kunihiko Morita Executive Officer
  • Purchasing Block
Tadafumi Aisaka Executive Officer
  • Development Block No.1
  • Global Product Planning Block
Masahiro Takahashi Executive Officer
  • Corporate Planning Block
  • Finance, Accounting & Cost Management Block (Deputy)
Toshiharu Imanishi Executive Officer
  • President, Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
  • President, Perodua Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.
  • President, Perodua Engine Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.
Eiji Nakajima Executive Officer
  • Global Strategic Production Planning Block
  • Production Control Block
Sachio Yamazaki Executive Officer
  • Overseas Operations Block (Overseas Engineering Cooperation, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania)
Naoto Kitagawa Executive Officer
  • Development Block No.3
  • Vehicles Development Block
Masayuki Yamaguchi Executive Officer
  • Overseas Marketing Block
  • Overseas Operations Block (Europe, Americas)
Masafumi Tamai Executive Officer
  • Human Resources Block
Katsuhiro Ikoma Executive Officer
  • Quality Generalization Block
Sunao Matsubayashi Executive Officer
  • Development Block No.4
  • Technical Generalization Block
  • Vehicles Engineering Block
Yasunori Nakawaki Executive Officer
  • Power Train Development Block
  • Advanced Technical Development Block
Hitoshi Horii Executive Officer
  • Domestic Marketing Block
Masahiro Fukutsuka Executive Officer
  • Development Block No.2