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Daihatsu to Increase Production Capacity in Indonesia to 150,000 Vehicles

Nov. 10, 2005

DAIHATSU MOTOR CO., LTD. (Daihatsu) announced today that its Indonesian subsidiary, PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), will increase its annual production capacity* to 150,000 vehicles by the early part of 2007. Since the launch in January 2004 of a small car developed jointly by Daihatsu and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), sold by Daihatsu under the name Xenia and by Toyota under the name Avanza, sales have been strong, with cumulative sales in Indonesia reaching approximately 130,000 vehicles. Daihatsu is increasing production capacity in response to higher demand from the domestic Indonesian market and to expanding exports.

In the first phase, which was decided in April 2005, ADM will increase production capacity* to 114,000 vehicles annually by the end of 2005. In the second phase, announced today, ADM will invest approximately 70 million USD (approximately 8 billion yen) to expand the painting line and other facilities. ADM plans to hire approximately 1,500 new employees.

As a result of this increase in production capacity, Toyota and Daihatsu’s total annual production capacity* in Indonesia will expand to 260,000 vehicles.

REFERENCE: Overview of ADM’s Sunter Plant after the increase in production capacity

Location North Jakarta
Start of production 1992
Production capacity* 150,000 units/year
Production line up Xenia, Avanza, Zebra, Taruna and Ceria

* Production capacity under 2 shifts w/o overtime