Daihatsu Engages in Motorsports Activities to Make Ever-Better Cars and Grow Fan Base

Nov. 25, 2022
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) announced today that it will continue its motorsports activities in 2023, which were resumed in 2022 after approximately 14 years, with SPK Corporation (hereinafter “SPK”). Daihatsu will seek to create ever-better cars through motorsports, and to grow its fan base by making motorsports more accessible to a wider audience.

Based on the Group slogan “Light you up,” Daihatsu aims to stay close to its customers and enrich their lives through a variety of efforts in both MONODUKURI and KOTODUKURI. As one of such efforts, Daihatsu resumed its motorsports activities this year after approximately 14 years.

As for MONODUKURI, Daihatsu supports the activities of SPK’s D-SPORT Racing Team. By being able to test its cars in tough conditions and make improvements over a short period of time during motorsports events, we facilitate the development of talent who can assess the entire vehicle, and technology that can be applied to mass-produced cars, enabling Daihatsu to create ever-better cars.
In 2023, Daihatsu plans to participate in all races of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Rally Challenge. Furthermore, participation in the Japanese Rally Championship and the WRC, as well as entry with vehicles other than COPEN, are also being discussed.

For KOTODUKURI, Daihatsu held the D-SPORT & DAIHATSU Challenge Cup 2022 with SPK in August this year as an opportunity for all Daihatsu car owners to casually enjoy motorsports, aiming to make motorsports more widely enjoyed.
Daihatsu plans to hold the D-SPORT & DAIHATSU Challenge Cup four times in 2023. In addition, Daihatsu and SPK are discussing a new event for entry-level car drivers, including mini vehicles, to also enjoy motorsports casually.