Daihatsu Launches New Special Edition Model of TAFT Mini Crossover Addition of new body colors further strengthens the product appeal of base models

Sep. 21, 2022
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

G “Dark Chrome Venture”

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) has added a new special edition model, Dark Chrome Venture, to the TAFT mini crossover. In parallel, base models of TAFT have been partially upgraded. For these models, a nationwide launch is set for September 21, 2022.

The mini crossover models of the TAFT released in 2020 had been designed under the concept “Tough & Almighty Fun Tool” that seeks to be a partner that can be actively used in both everyday and leisure scenarios and that makes daily life more enjoyable. A wide range of customers use them in their daily lives and for leisure. In addition to the well-received special edition Chrome Venture launched in May 2021, a new special edition model, Dark Chrome Venture, has been launched. It comes with dark black plating and gun metallic color with black mica metallic decorations that give a more distinctive impression of toughness. In addition earth colors, three new colors have been added for both special-edition and base models, including Ceramic Green Metallic, Chrome Gray Metallic (image of strength) and Laser Blue Crystal Shine*1. Moreover, the convenience of the equipment has been enhanced with a new 9-inch smartphone-linked audio display that supports voice recognition and wireless connection*1. Optimized engine control has improved the fuel efficiency. All models meet the FY2020 fuel efficiency standard and the 75% of the FY2030 fuel efficiency standard, and all TAFT models are eligible for an eco-car tax break and tax incentives for environment-friendly vehicles.

For details of the products, visit the web page:

Going forward, based on its “Light you up” approach, Daihatsu will continue to provide optimal mobility to every one of its customers and cater to their needs via its extended range of mini and compact vehicles.

*1: Manufacturer’s option

Outline of the Special Edition Models

< Main Special Equipment of Dark Chrome Venture >

Base Grade G/G Turbo
Exterior - Hood garnish & Back door garnish [Dark Black Plating]
- Gunmetallic undergarnish (front/rear)
- Colored door mirror [Black Mica Metallic painting]
- Door outer handles [Black Mica Metallic painting]
- 15-inch aluminum wheels [gunmetal painting]*2
Interior - Front separate seat [Silver stitch]
- Interior accents [Dark silver decoration]

*2: Standard equipment also on G Turbo base models.

Main Partial Upgrades

- Body color lineup modified with the three more additional colors:

  • Ceramic Green Metallic
  • Chrome Gray Metallic
  • Laser Blue Crystal Shine (manufacturer’s option)

- 9-inch smartphone-linked audio display (manufacturer’s option)

(Addition of voice recognition capability, compatibility with wireless Apple CarPlay*3, addition of HDMI*4 socket, and support of Daihatsu Connect)

*3: Apple CarPlay is a trade name of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and many other countries.

*4: HDMI is a trade name or registered trade name of HDMI Licensing LLC.

- Changes to fuel efficiency

  • All models satisfy the FY2020 fuel efficiency standard
  • All models satisfy the 75% of FY2030 fuel efficiency standard

Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (consumption taxes included)

(Prices are recommended retail prices and are intended for reference purposes only. Prices are independently set by sales companies; for further details, please visit your nearest sales company. Insurance, taxes (excluding consumption tax), automobile recycling fees and fees associated with registration, etc. charged separately.)

Grade Engine Drive system Price (yen)
X NA*5 2WD 1,353,000
4WD 1,479,500
X Turbo TC*6 2WD 1,441,000
4WD 1,567,500
G NA*5 2WD 1,485,000
4WD 1,611,500
G ”Chrome Venture” NA*5 2WD 1,551,000
4WD 1,677,500
☆ G ”Dark Chrome Venture” NA*5 2WD 1,556,500
4WD 1,683,000
G Turbo TC*6 2WD 1,606,000
4WD 1,732,500
G Turbo ”Chrome Venture” TC*6 2WD 1,672,000
4WD 1,798,500
G Turbo ”Dark Chrome Venture” TC*6 2WD 1,677,500
4WD 1,804,000

☆ Pictured vehicle

*5: Natural aspiration

*6: Turbo charger