Daihatsu Partially Upgrades its Tanto Mini Passenger Vehicle and Tanto (Friendship series) Mini Welfare Vehicle

Sep. 21, 2021
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Tanto Custom RS “Style Selection” Tanto Custom RS “Style Selection”

Tanto Welcome Seat Lift Tanto Welcome Seat Lift

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) has partially upgraded its Tanto mini passenger vehicle, as well as its mini welfare vehicles—the Tanto Welcome Turn Seat, Tanto Welcome Seat Lift, and Tanto Sloper (wheelchair accessible vehicle). The upgraded models will go on sale nationwide on September 21st.

The first*1 mini vehicle to be equipped with the Miracle Open Door with built-in pillar, the Tanto has been highly regarded by customers for its overwhelmingly spacious interior and ease of use since its launch in 2003. The current model was launched in July 2019 was the first to adopt as part one of the Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA), the company’s next-generation approach to creating cars, and its functions and performance were significantly improved. The Tanto (Friendship series) has achieved the No. 1*2 domestic sales volume by model name for welfare vehicles, and has been very well received by customers.

For the current partial upgrades, Daihatsu has enhanced the advanced safety functions by adding an electric parking brake, an auto-hold brake function, and cornering trace assist*3 as standard features to the X Turbo, Custom RS, and Custom RS “Style Selection” grades. Daihatsu’s first*4 Cornering Trace Assist*5 improves safety by assisting the driver’s braking when approaching a curve and maintaining a stable posture without succumbing to centrifugal force.

For the X, Custom X, and Custom X “Style Selection” grades, the Smart Cruise Pack, which includes full-speed range Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), an electric parking brake, auto-hold brake function, and cornering trace assist, is now available as a manufacture’s option, enhancing the equipment.

In addition, Daihatsu has partially changed the body colors, and added Plum Brown Crystal Mica and Turquoise Blue Mica Metallic to expand the range of choices for its customers.

The target grades in the Friendship series have also been similarly upgraded in terms of function and body color, making them more appealing to a wider range of customers.

Based on its “Light you up” approach, Daihatsu will keep providing optimal mobility to every one of its customers, and catering to their needs via its extended range of mini vehicles and compact cars.

*1: Correct as of December 2007, when the second-generation Tanto launched; according to Daihatsu research

*2: When all new mini + registered welfare vehicles (wheelchair-accessible vehicles, lift-up seat vehicles, rotating-seat vehicles, vehicles with driving assistance devices, and shuttle vehicles) sold in Japan in FY2020 (April 2020 to March 2021) were totaled and sorted according to model name, the Tanto (including the Welcome Turn Seat, Welcome Seat Lift, and Sloper) had the highest volume, according to Daihatsu research.

*3: Vehicle posture stabilization control.

*4: As of September 21, 2021, according to Daihatsu research.

*5: Since the function to support safe driving is intended only to support the driver’s driving, it has some limitations and may not operate depending on the road surface and weather conditions. Please drive safely without overconfidence in the function. For details, please check the sales company or the official website.

Overview of partial upgrades

Grade Engine Details
X Turbo TC※6 Comes standard with the following features:
- Electric parking brake
- Auto brake hold function
- Cornering trace assist
Custom RS and Custom RS “Style Selection” (common to the Friendship series)
X (common to the Friendship series) NA※7 Smart Cruise Pack available as a manufacturer’s option
- Full-speed range Adaptive Cruise Control
- Electric parking brake
- Auto-hold brake function
- Cornering trace assist
- LKC (Lane Keeping Control)
- Dedicated display for Smart Cruise
- Steering switch (for driving support)
- ETC unit
- Drive Assist Illumination
  (equipped with Eco Drive Assist display 
Custom X and Custom X “Style Selection”

*6: Turbo charger

*7: Naturally aspirated engine

*8: X grade only (comes standard in X Turbo, Custom X, and Custom X “Style Selection” grades)

  • Added Plum Brown Crystal Mice (R59) to the available Tanto body colors (common to the Friendship series)
  • Partially changed the body color lineup of the Tanto Custom and added Turquoise Blue Mica Metallic (B86) (common to the Friendship series)

Manufacturer’s recommended retail price (Tanto includes 10% consumption tax)

(Prices are recommended retail prices and are intended for reference purposes only. Prices are independently set by sales companies; for further details, please visit your nearest sales company. Expenses incurred for insurance fees, tax (exempt from consumption tax), recycling costs, registration will be charged separately.)


Grade Engine Transmission Smart Assist Drive system Price (yen)
L (without Smart Assist) NA※7 CVT - 2WD 1,243,000
4WD 1,369,500
L 2WD 1,342,000
4WD 1,468,500
X 2WD 1,490,500
4WD 1,617,000
X “Special” 2WD 1,408,000
4WD 1,534,500
X Turbo TC※6 2WD 1,666,500
4WD 1,787,500
Custom X NA※7 2WD 1,721,500
4WD 1,842,500
Custom X
“Style Selection”
2WD 1,749,000
4WD 1,870,000
Custom RS TC※6 2WD 1,875,500
4WD 1,996,500
☆Custom RS
“Style Selection”
2WD 1,903,000
4WD 2,024,000

☆Pictured vehicle

Tanto Welcome Turn Seat (exempt from consumption tax)

Grade Engine Transmission Smart Assist Drive system Price (yen)
X “Special” NA※7 CVT 2WD 1,450,000
X 2WD 1,525,000
4WD 1,640,000
Custom RS TC※6 2WD 1,875,000
4WD 1,985,000
Custom RS
“Style Selection”
2WD 1,900,000
4WD 2,010,000

Tanto Welcome Seat Lift (exempt from consumption tax)

Grade Engine Transmission Smart Assist Drive system Price (yen)
X “Special” NA※7 CVT 2WD 1,605,000
☆X 2WD 1,680,000
4WD  1,795,000
Custom RS TC※6 2WD 2,030,000
4WD 2,140,000
Custom RS
“Style Selection”
2WD 2,055,000
4WD 2,165,000

☆: Pictured vehicle

Tanto Sloper (wheelchair accessible vehicle) (exempt from consumption tax)

Grade Engine Transmission Smart Assist Drive system Price (yen)
L (without Smart Assist) NA※7 CVT - 2WD 1,435,000
L with Turn Seat 1,625,000
X “Special” 1,585,000
X 1,660,000
X with Turn Seat 1,760,000
Custom RS TC※6 1,990,000
Custom RS
“Style Selection”