Daihatsu launches Thor Seat Lift, a Welfare Vehicle Edition of the Thor Compact Passenger Car ~ Expanding lineup of Friendship series (welfare vehicles) ~

Jun. 07, 2021
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Thor Seat Lift G

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) has released Thor Seat Lift, a Thor compact passenger car in the Friendship series welfare vehicles. The new model will go on sale nationwide on June 7, 2021.

Since its release in November 2016, the Thor has become one of Daihatsu’s core compact car models; with its small body size, spacious interior, and seating layout that perfectly fits various family usage scenarios, it has received widespread praise. The partial redesign in September 2020 improved safety and security functions and redesigned interiors and exteriors.

Daihatsu has the top market share in mini welfare vehicles*1 and received widespread praise from many customers for the wide range of its mini welfare vehicle lineup. In the past, only mini vehicles were launched as welfare vehicles. This time, the addition of a compact passenger car to the lineup has expanded the choices available to customers.

The Thor Seat Lift released today features a front passenger seat with seat lift that can be operated by a wireless remote control to reduce the burden on the passenger and person supporting the passenger when entering and exiting the vehicle. Comfortable mobility is offered to a wide range of customers through the spacious interior and seat lift function.

Based on its “Light you up” approach, going forward, Daihatsu will continue to provide optimal mobility to every one of its customers, and cater to their needs via its extended range of mini and compact vehicles.

*1 Number one in units of mini welfare vehicles (wheelchair accessible vehicles, seat lift vehicles, and turn seat vehicles) sold in Japan during fiscal 2020 (April 2020 to March 2021), according to Daihatsu research.

Main Welfare Vehicle Features

<Thor Seat Lift>

Grade G X
Welfare vehicle features ・Wireless remote control
・Front passenger seat with seat lift (with folding footrest and armrest on right side)
・Front passenger seat with electric sliding (front and back) and seat reclining
・Wheelchair securing equipment (wheelchair securing belt)

Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Prices (consumption tax exempt)

(Prices are recommended retail prices and are intended for reference purposes only. Prices are independently set by sales companies; for further details, please visit your nearest sales company. Expenses incurred for insurance fees, recycling costs, registration will be charged separately.)

<Thor Seat Lift>

Grade Engine Transmission Smart Assist Drive system Price (in yen)
X NA※2 CVT 2WD 1,745,000
4WD 1,905,000
☆G 2WD 1,914,000
4WD 2,074,000

☆: Pictured vehicle

※2: Natural Aspiration

Prices in the Hokkaido region are ¥22,000 higher (consumption tax exempt) and do not include recycling costs.