Daihatsu to Launch Special Edition Models of TAFT and Wake and Partially Upgrade TAFT, Wake, and Cast ~ Special editions that emphasize outdoor and leisure elements ~

May. 10, 2021
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

TAFT G Turbo “Chrome Venture”

Wake G Turbo “VS SA III”

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) has released special edition models of the mini passenger vehicles TAFT and Wake, and partially upgraded the TAFT, Wake, and Cast. The new models will go on sale nationwide on May 10.

The TAFT is designed to be a “Tough & Almighty Fun Tool” that seeks to be a partner that can be actively used in both everyday and leisure scenes, and that makes daily life more enjoyable. A special edition “Chrome Venture” model has been released that uses plating on the on the exterior together with a dark silver accent color for the interior to add a sense of quality to its sense of activeness. In addition, the X Turbo grade has been added to offer a turbo charger engine model at an affordable price.

Featuring outstanding driver visibility and the largest cabin space of any mini passenger vehicle*1, the Wake has been given a special edition VS model. In addition to features optimized for the outdoors and leisure, such as water-repellent resin easy-care floors that are easy to clean and multi-hooks, it is an affordable special edition model equipped with LED cabin lights that has enhanced the concept of the Wake. Automatic lights have also been added as a standard feature to all grades, and safety has been improved as the automatic lights are always in operating when driving. Furthermore, like the Wake, automatic lights have been added to all grades of the Cast to improve safety.

Based on its “Light you up” approach, going forwards Daihatsu will continue to provide optimal mobility to every one of its customers, and cater to their needs via its extended range of mini and compact vehicles.

*1 As of May 10, 2021, according to Daihatsu research. Based on cabin space (cabin length x width x height). Same value for the same vehicle being offered to other manufacturers as OEM.

Overview of Special-Edition Models

<TAFT>Main special features

Grade G Turbo “Chrome Venture” G “Chrome Venture”
Base grade G Turbo G
Exterior ・Hood garnish (plated)
・Backdoor garnish (plated)
・Plated outer door handles
・Silver under garnish (front/rear)
・Aluminum wheels (Silver)
・Hood garnish (plated)
・Backdoor garnish (plated)
・Plated outer door handles
・Silver under garnish (front/rear)
Interior ・Interior accent (Dark Silver)
・Separate front seats (silver stitching)

<Wake>Main special features

Grade G Turbo“VS SA III” L “VS SA III”
Base grade G Turbo “SA III” L “SA III”
Exterior*2 ・15-inch aluminum wheels ・LED headlights with low beam, automatic leveling function, LED clearance lamps, and automatic lights
Interior*2 ・LED front personalized lamp
・LED rear personalized lamp
・LED luggage space lamp
・LED backdoor lamp
・Easy-care floors
・Utility hook
・Luggage compartment floor hook
・Fixed belts
・Upper-lower two-level adjustable deck board (only for L “VS SA III”)
・Driving support pack
<D assist power mode steering switch, tilt steering, and driver’s seat lift>
Comfortable equipment ・Panorama Monitor Genuine Navigation Equipment Upgrade Pack
<steering switch, 16 cm rear speakers, tweeter, GPS antenna, full-segment television film antenna harness, front camera, side cameras, rear camera, and rear seat monitor harness>

*2 LED headlights and upper-lower two-level adjustable deck board are standard features for the G Turbo “VS SA III” grade.

Summary of partial upgrades


A new X Turbo grade has been added.


Automatic lights have been added to the D grade (standard feature on all grades).

Changed specification such that automatic lights of all grades are always in operation when driving.

Side mirrors have been enlarged.


Changed specification such that automatic lights of all grades are always in operation when driving.

Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price (including consumption tax)

(Prices are recommended retail prices and are intended for reference purposes only. Prices are independently set by sales companies; for further details, please visit your nearest sales company. Expenses incurred for insurance fees, tax (exempt from consumption tax), recycling costs, registration will be charged separately.)


Grade Engine Transmission SA Drive system Price (yen)
X NA※3 CVT 2WD 1,353,000
4WD 1,479,500
X Turbo TC※4 2WD 1,441,000
4WD 1,567,500
G NA 2WD 1,485,000
4WD 1,611,500
G “Chrome Venture” 2WD 1,551,000
4WD 1,677,500
G Turbo TC 2WD 1,606,000
4WD 1,732,500
☆G Turbo “Chrome Venture” 2WD 1,672,000
4WD 1,798,500

☆: Pictured vehicle

※3: Natural Aspiration

※4: Turbo Charger


Grade Engine Transmission SA Drive system Price (yen)
D*5 NA CVT - 2WD 1,377,200
D “SA III”*5 2WD 1,443,200 
L “Special Limited SA III*6 2WD 1,518,000
4WD  1,644,500 
L “SA III”*6 2WD 1,584,000
4WD 1,710,500
L “VS SA III”*6 2WD 1,644,500
4WD 1,771,000 
G Turbo “SA III”*6 TC 2WD 1,705,000 
4WD 1,831,500 
☆G Turbo “VS SA III”*6 2WD 1,749,000
4WD 1,875,500

☆: Pictured vehicle

*5 Prices in the Hokkaido region are ¥11,000 higher (tax included) and do not include recycling costs.

*6 Prices of 2WD models in the Hokkaido region are ¥14,300 higher (tax included) and do not include recycling costs.


Grade Engine Transmission SA Drive system Price (yen)
Style X “SA III ” NA CVT 2WD 1,314,500
4WD 1,441,000
Style X “Limited SA III ” 2WD 1,320,000
4WD  1,446,500
Style G “SA III ” 2WD 1,441,000
4WD 1,567,500 
Style G “VS SA III ” 2WD 1,402,500 
4WD 1,529,000 
Style G
“Prime Collection SA III ”
2WD 1,507,000 
4WD 1,633,500
Style G Turbo “SA III ”   TC 2WD 1,545,500
4WD 1,672,000
Style G Turbo “VS SA III ” 2WD 1,512,500
4WD 1,639,000 
S tyle G Turbo
“ Prime Collection SA III ” 
2WD 1,611,500
4WD 1,738,000