Daihatsu Partially Upgrades its COPEN Mini Convertible Sports Vehicle

Apr. 07, 2021
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.


Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Daihatsu”) has partially upgraded its COPEN mini convertible sports vehicle, and will launch the new model nationwide on Wednesday, April 7.

Launched in 2014, the current COPEN mini convertible sports vehicle utilizes a new D-Frame framework and Dress-Formation*1 changeable interior and exterior structure to realize impressive driving performance and enable owners to express their individuality. It is currently available in four models: the COPEN Robe and COPEN XPLAY as well as the COPEN Cero and COPEN GR*2 SPORT which were added in 2015 and 2019 respectively.

The current round of partial upgrades to the vehicle increases the size of the side mirrors to ensure a wider view of the rear in response to new regulations. Furthermore, automatic headlights have been added as standard for all grades to improve safety.

Based on its “Light you up” approach, going forwards Daihatsu will continue to provide optimal mobility to every one of its customers, and cater to their needs via its extended range of mini and compact vehicles.

*1: Option for the Robe and Cero

*2: “GR” is a registered trademark of Toyota Motor Corporation

Summary of partial upgrades

  • Larger side mirrors to ensure a wider view of the rear
  • Automatic headlights as standard for all grades

Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price (including consumption tax)

(Prices are recommended retail prices and are intended for reference purposes only. Prices are independently set by sales companies; for further details, please visit your nearest sales company. Expenses incurred for insurance fees, tax (exempt from consumption tax), recycling costs, registration will be charged separately.)

Grade Engine Transmission SA Drive system Price (yen)
☆Robe TC※3 CVT※4 2WD 1,888,700
5MT 1,910,700
Robe S CVT※4 2,092,200
5MT 2,114,200
XPLAY CVT※4 1,888,700
5MT 1,910,700
XPLAY S CVT※4 2,092,200
5MT 2,114,200
Cero CVT※4 1,943,700
5MT 1,965,700
Cero S CVT※4 2,147,200
5MT 2,169,200
GR SPORT CVT※4 2,382,200
5MT 2,437,200

☆: Pictured vehicle

Prices in the Hokkaido region are ¥11,000 higher (tax included) and do not include recycling costs.

*3: Turbo Charger

*4: CVT with 7-speed Super Active Shift